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The following are critically important, baseline activities which I’ve observed to be crucial to a well-conceived, comprehensive Social Tech implementation map. Read the rest of this entry »



Let me start by saying, I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve observed a few things that perhaps might be considered a state-of-the-business in some way. And yes, there are many exceptions to all these items.

Starting out 2014, after 4 years of talking about Social Tech to insurance executives, I’m concerned that too many insurance companies and agencies, and the business partners and associations that serve them, are missing a critical sea change in business. Read the rest of this entry »


Using the word “intense” brings me back to High School in the late ’70′s, but it fits. Here’s a trip through time… Read the rest of this entry »


Haircut In Destiny Salon

In September and October, I mentioned this November trip to Thailand on the blog and via Social Networks. I’ve been back for 10 days now and still find myself tearing up everyday at some point. Having finally recovered from jet lag, which was a LOT harder and more painful than expected (you global travel vets might comment), I’m finally starting to think clearly about what happened to me over there and what it means for me/us longer term. As of today, Thursday, I’m not yet ready Read the rest of this entry »


So why take Social Tech Strategy development seriously in 2014? If you don’t, failure to do so will be abundantly clear to the world around you, unacceptably so in 2015 and beyond. Think about it. Today, right now, if a CEO of an enterprise told you, “We don’t have a Web site,” what would be the first few thoughts that cross your brain? Would they be positive or negative in nature? Now apply that same thinking to your Social Tech outposts – Blogs, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Ten years ago, it would have never occurred to someone that a mature Web site would be ‘table stakes’ for anything. It is today. Tomorrow it will be a mature Blog, a savvy Twitter feed, an active YouTube channel. Keyword: mature. Read the rest of this entry »