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Adapt or Die!

Billy Beane, Moneyball

A thoughtful response to Augie Ray’s Pulse Article about Linkedin Spam:

(Btw, I had to use my own blog for the response because Linkedin Pulse has a character limit for Pulse Comments. WHY???)

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Twelve months in the making, the new Professional Insurance Marketers Association Affinity 2020 Report came out last week.

Impressive. Thanks to all the volunteers, esp. Chris Burke and Dave Armstrong.

Hope to do a video on it shortly. Pretty compelling data around the urgency of transitioning to digital. Read the rest of this entry »

Yellow Pages Books

Yellow Pages Books

Back before the Internet, when you had a new personal or professional need, something out of the ordinary, did you stop and think, “Yikes, I don’t know who to call on this. Geez, who do I know that might know a trusted contractor? I know! I’ll call Joe. Joe knows EVERYone.” And if you reached Joe and he gave you a couple names, did you call those companies or those people based on Joe’s Word of Mouth referral BEFORE you pulled out the 5-pound phone book? Or did you go find the Yellow Pages® and say, “Hmmm, I wonder what category that kind of service would be listed under? Let’s see… ‘Cracks in the cement floor’…CR… No. Ah, here it is… ‘Cement Floors’ … I’m sure these guys fix cracks. Of course there might be a few butt cracks in view, but I’ll take the kids to McDonalds. Now, which one should I call? I like this logo…”  Read the rest of this entry »


A couple weeks ago, I had a terrific opportunity to attend Scott Klososky’s Enterprise Social Tech Bootcamp in Chicago. Great to catch up with Scott once again. Readers will remember some work I’ve done with Scott in the past, including writing the Chapter on Sales for Scott’s Crowdsourced book, Enterprise Social Technology, a phenomenal book on why Social is more than Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

As a special extra, I was able to travel with a rising star on the Social Tech scene, Shane Fraser. Shane won a $5,000 bounty Scott put out for promoting the book via crowdsourcing. Check it out – very, very cool. See Shane’s new Blog as well.

[Shameless plug: If you need a deep dive in this stuff for your team, I've got Scott's endorsement, all the original Enterprise Social Technology content, and can do any kind of preso or consulting best suited for your situation. Contact me here.]

A few of the podcast highlights to listen for:

  • Barriers of Social Tech in the B2B space
  • How Socially Facilitated Selling will influence B2B prosperity. Yup.
  • Three Key Social Tech Trends: Social CRM, ORM, Crowdsourcing

Listen in to Scott’s insights here:

Scott Klososky EST Bootcamp Podcast June 2011

Next EST Bootcamp: Dallas, October 2011. Stay tuned.

A few action pics from the Bootcamp:

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