Executive Summary

Register: Confidentially via eMail or Phone
Who: Senior-Level Insurance Executives, Invitation-only, Limit 15
What: Enterprise Social Technologies (see Topic Side-bar below)
Beyond Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc.
When: July 12, 2012
- $99/night, spot-on amenities
- free airport shuttle
Leader: Mike Wise, SocialTech Consultant, Speaker, Author
Budget: $750 + travel & lodging
Next up: Boston, August 27, 2012
Hartford, October 11, 2012

Past Attendee Comments:

“I have taken many classes, studied for many exams, gone to many seminars with sessions and presentations and roundtables and breakout sessions and the like, but I have to say, the session/presentation this morning was the best one I have ever attended in my entire life, and I’m not kidding either….so many lights went on during the presentation and such a clear vision of some things developed that I wondered how I had never seen it before…”

-Chief Actuary, Pilot Presentation, December 2011

“I lead a Division that manufactures and sells various specialty insurance products…I would absolutely recommend it to others. This is the way of the future and where the current environment is and unless you understand Social Technologies and how to leverage it, you’ll be left behind. I think it’s in every business leader’s interest to learn about it and execute on it.”

- Marketing VP, Columbus, March 2012

“I’m just scratching the surface regarding Social Technology and the application of it. I’m immediately going to assess my sales and client services team’s knowledge and bandwidth and map out a plan to implement some of these tools, technologies and methods on a day-in/day-out basis.”

- Sales Exec, Columbus, March 2012

Enterprise Social Technologies Bootcamp


Topics to be Covered at the Enterprise Social Technologies Bootcamp

July 11, 2012:
6 – 8pm CST
- Orientation, Survival Kit
- Highly Coveted USB Materials Review
- Presentation: Foundational Concepts
- Q&A

July 12, 2012:
8am – noon
- Presentation/Discussion: The Gamechanger
- Presentation/Discussion: Implementation

noon – 12:45
- Lunch – Effective B2B & B2C Viral Videos

12:45 – 2
- Facilitated Discussion: Current State of Social Technology at Attendee Organization, Barriers, Roadblocks, Potential Pilot Projects, etc.

2 – 3:30
- Presentation/Discussion: 12-Step Process for Implementing Social Technology
- Q&A

3:30 – 5
- Future of Social Technology or Goal setting (by attendee preference)
- Schedule permitting: Skype session with Scott Klososky, author, Enterprise Social Technology
- Q&A


8 – 8:30 am CST

“Thoughts in the Night” Breakfast

8:30 – 10:15

Executive Training – “You Incorporated”

Because the average insurance executive’s life-span in each role is 3.5 years…

- Online Reputation Management for the Insurance Executive
- Why & How to Leverage a professional Blog as an industry Executive
- Why & How to Leverage Linkedin (bring your Laptop, Smartphone)

10:30 – noon

- Building a powerful River of Information for the Insurance Executive
- Why and How to Leverage a professional Twitter profile

(create your Twitter profile and HootSuite account in advance)


Columbus Social Tech Boot Camp, March 2012, attendee reactions:

“…makes a ton of sense.”

About Mike Wise, SocialTech Consultant, Speaker, Author

President, WebWisedom LLC

Mike Wise - President of WebWisedom LLCMike founded WebWisedom LLC in November of 2009. An Enterprise Social Technology/E-Marketing/E-Business consultancy, WebWisedom is helping insurance organizations understand and leverage Social Technologies within the unique environments of the enterprise and its markets.

Mike wrote the chapter on Socially Facilitated Selling in the Crowdsourced book, Enterprise Social Technologies. Mike is also publishing his first book on Social Technologies: The Social Tech Workout!

With over twenty years in technology and sales in three different industries, Mike brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to Enterprise Social Technologies. An early adopter, Mike has been leveraging Social Technologies for business since 2005 with a special emphasis on the insurance vertical.

Prior to WebWisedom, Mike led e-Commerce sales efforts within the insurance industry for IdeaStar (now MindSteams), primarily in the health and life vertical. Previously, Mike spent 10 years with ADP in sales, sales training, and sales management in various locations across the USA.

Mike was a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Insurance Marketers Association (PIMA) http://www.pima-assn.org from 2009 to 2012 and was a co-chair for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 national PIMA MarkeTTech Symposiums as well as the 2011 PIMA MidYear Meeting. Mike is also serving on the Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) Marketing committee.

Mike served on the Judging Panel for the AM Best E-Fusion Award in 2007 and 2008 http://www.ambest.com/efusion/ and is considered a subject matter expert on insurance and technology.

Mike writes and manages a popular Blog, http://www.webwisedom.com, and was selected for the Insurance & Technology Blog Honor Roll three times in 2009.

An avid photographer, Mike maintains a personal/professional photo site http://mikewise07.smugmug.com specializing in sports and event photography.

Mike holds a BA from the University of Washington.

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikewise07

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikewise07