In early 2015, a Gen-X’er sarcastically said to a Boomer who was complaining about having to accept a meeting invite on his mobile device, “Yeah, I don’t know if that Internet thing is really going to take off.” We all laughed in good nature, but it’s amazing that we actually said that not too long ago. Even more recently, the same was said about “Social Media,” right? “Why do I need to do Twitter?!?! Why do I care what Charlie Sheen had for breakfast?!?!” And now Apple and Google are in a race to develop production-grade driverless cars. The velocity of change due to advancing technology is surprising us all.

#SMAC Technology is literally changing the face of business right before our eyes. Social, Mobile, Analytics (Data), and Cloud, a catchy phrase I first read about in Cognizant’s 2014 book, “Code Halos,” is the new architecture built on the Web. SMAC definitively answers the question, “What’s next?” Those insurance executives that dig in, organize, and execute an Action Plan to leverage “The SMAC Stack”, at a point of “consciously competent”, will be King of the Mountain.

Within an environment of federal and state regulation, how do insurance companies and agencies get there? What do they need to be doing RIGHT NOW, in 2015? How fluent is the leadership team in the underpinnings of all this. Setting aside for a moment the other essentials of insurance like product management, pricing, underwriting, claims, compliance, finance, etc., how savvy is the leadership team regarding Social Networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram? What about Social Media: Blogs, Meme’s, Infographics, Viral Videos, and the Hashtags that integrate them? (Did you take note of all the Hashtags and Twitter icons in the Super Bowl commercials?) How about Crowdsourcing, Online Reputation Management, eWord-of-Mouth, Organizational Voice, and Rating Systems? And this is a just Social Tech!

What about Mobile Technologies? Have you reinvented your Web site for Responsive Design? (Btw, did you know that Internet Explorer is now the least-used browser compared with Chrome and Firefox?) Why is it so crucial to Blog, all across the enterprise? How are you engaging your constituents via Apps? What about Mobile Security? How are you handling BYOD? Is there consistent training up and down the enterprise on Mobile sharing, including Likes, Comments, Shares, emails, etc.? How are you optimizing the enterprise Code Halo for Local SEO and long-tail keywords?

Today, circa 2015, the big buzzword is #BigData? In the SMAC Stack, that falls under item 3, Analytics. Of course, as insurance companies, we’ve been in the business of data since the beginning. From an actuarial perspective, we have long been pricing products based on historical data and predictive analytics. Same with underwriting, correct? Now, today, in 2015, because of the Social Web, we can combine our historical data and predictive analytics with current data, what our policy holders are doing RIGHT NOW. How can we help them make better decisions, improve their life experience, and protect them from risk. In other words, how can we give them a delightful customer experience RIGHT NOW?

Lastly, the Cloud is simply stunning, mind-boggling. Where is all this data going? As I move about, my Smartphone is continuously transmitting data about my location, my velocity, my interests, my network, etc. Devices in my home are also sending data to the Cloud. I am archiving images and documents to the cloud, real-time. A transcontinental aircraft now generates ONE TERABYTE of data per trip. Soon this data will be up in the Cloud immediately – forget about searching for the “Black Box” after a crash. Google, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Pandora, all of these companies are making recommendations to us because of Cloud-based information which we ourselves put there.

WebWisedom has a proven process for helping Leadership Teams move along the SMAC Stack continuum with pace and precision. The 12 Step Process for Social Tech Implementation covers all the primary tasks associated with Digital Business. Ask us about a Private Boot Camp. Think about your Leadership Team and/or top business partners. The time is NOW! All boats rise with the tide.

Social Tech Topics include Rivers of Information, Digital Marketing and Sales, Online Reputation Management, Crowdsourcing, Legal & Compliance, Tools, Measurements, and Security
Mobile Topics include Location-based Marketing, App’s, Responsive Design, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Data, and Managing Your Code Halo
Analytics Understanding the fundamentals of #BigData. Where is the data coming from, what to do with it, and how to “Make Meaning” of it.
Cloud How are Cloud-based technologies changing IT architecture? Physical proximity no longer matters. But what about info security? At a leadership level, what do we really need to know?
Networks Mastering the Big 4. Like them or hate them, leaders need to know their way around them, manage their personal halos, and help their enterprise leverage them. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube – an hour and a half on each is all it takes.
Media Blogs are now the hub of a professional presence. Video trumps all media. Hashtags are the connectors. Meme’s, Infographics, Tweets, Status Updates, Shares, Comments, Slideshares, and Group discussions – all these media elements have lives of their own. A full day on the essentials of Social Media will prepare any leader.

Past Attendee Comments:

I have attended two of his “Social Tech Boot Camps” and have strategized with him on numerous occasions. … His understanding of social marketing tools and tactics is second only to his passion for how social can open a bright new future. … Vision is a word that is over utilized today, but in Mike’s case it’s fitting. Rarely do we meet individuals who have clear vision of the future, fewer still have a plan that will take you there. Mike is one of those few.

- Reinsurance Vice President, January 2015

Mike has been at the forefront of digital business since we first met in 2006. The intersection of social strategy, technology, and innovation requires a lot of instinct to be successful, things are moving too fast to wait for all the answers before acting. CEO’s need the sort of insight Mike delivers.

- Former Agency President, January 2015

Mike Wise took our Team through his Social Tech Boot Camp. Not only this process help establish an effective social tech strategy which we are now in the process of implementing, the Boot Camp process itself proved to be a great way to bring people from different parts of the organization together. I would highly recommend Mike if you are looking to get real about Social Tech.

- Agency CEO, May 2014

He has in-depth understanding of social technologies across the board, including social media, developing rivers of information, crowdsourcing, crowd funding, effective utilization of hashtags, etc. … Mike is able to demonstrate how proper use of social technology/social media along with an effective governance policy will drive improvements in sales and marketing.

- Agency CEO, May 2014

His presentation on “Social Tech and the Future for Underwriting and Claims Executives” was extremely well received. Mike is an expert in his field and his presentation style is engaging and thought provoking.

- Consulting Actuary, Market Research Manager, October 2013

It was a great event that increased my understanding of social media and its role in business and insurance marketing and relationship management. … If your company wants to educate your employees on all aspects of social media I would highly recommend Mike.

- Agency President, April 2013

Mike delivered a powerful presentation on the impact of Social Media for Insurers and Reinsurers to a select audience. The Insurance and Reinsurance industry are ripe for a strategic approach to social media. Mike delivered a step by step approach to implementing a comprehensive social media strategy. Mike provided an expert opinion delivered in a personable yet educational manner. Powerful.

- Agency Insurance Executive, April 2013

Recently attended a Social Tech session for insurance executives in Abu Dhabi held by Mike Wise and must say that Mike is one of the most talented experts in Social Media I have ever met, his energy and passion for helping insurance companies to find ways to engage customers is second to none. … Highly recommend to attend one of his presentations.

- Carrier Subdirector General Comercial, March 2013

“I would absolutely recommend it to others. This is the way of the future and where the current environment is and unless you understand Social Technologies and how to leverage it, you’ll be left behind. I think it’s in every business leader’s interest to learn about it and execute on it.”

- Carrier Marketing VP, Columbus, March 2012

“I’m just scratching the surface regarding Social Technology and the application of it. I’m immediately going to assess my sales and client services team’s knowledge and bandwidth and map out a plan to implement some of these tools, technologies and methods on a day-in/day-out basis.”

- Carrier Sales Exec, Columbus, March 2012

“We have benefitted greatly from working with Mike Wise as our consultant within the Social Technology space. He has delivered incredible presentations to our company and really opened people’s eyes to what is possible. He has a dynamic presentation and comes across as an expert in his field, while at the same time being down-to-earth and friendly. I would highly recommend Mike if you are looking to educate business professionals about the power of Social Media.”

- Carrier Assistant Vice President – Director of Product & Technology Support, December 2011

“… the session/presentation this morning was the best one I have ever attended in my entire life…so many lights went on during the presentation and such a clear vision of some things developed that I wondered how I had never seen it before…”

- Carrier Chief Actuary, Pilot Presentation, December 2011


Enterprise Social Technologies Bootcamp

Video Testimonial

“There’s a next step coming…as insurance executives, we don’t move that quickly. So we need to move now.”

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About Mike Wise, SMAC Consultant, Speaker, Author

President, WebWisedom LLC

Mike founded WebWisedom LLC in November of 2009. An Enterprise Digital Business consultancy, WebWisedom is helping insurance organizations and select non-profit NGO’s understand and leverage Social, Mobile, Analytics & Data, and Cloud within the unique environments of the enterprise and its markets.

Mike wrote the chapter on Socially Facilitated Selling in the 2010 Crowdsourced book, Enterprise Social Technologies.

With over twenty years in technology and sales in three different industries, Mike brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to SMAC Consulting. An early adopter, Mike has been leveraging Social Technologies for business since 2005 with a special emphasis on the insurance vertical.

In the 2000′s, Mike led e-Commerce sales efforts within the insurance industry, primarily in the health and life vertical, for a Web developer in Cleveland. In the 1990′s, Mike was with ADP in sales, sales training, and sales management in various locations across the USA.

Mike was a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Insurance Marketers Association (PIMA) from 2009 to 2012 and was a co-chair for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 national PIMA MarkeTTech Symposiums as well as the 2011 PIMA MidYear Meeting.

Notably, Mike served on the Judging Panel for the AM Best E-Fusion Award in 2007 and 2008 and is considered a subject matter expert on insurance and technology. Back when Blogs were new, Mike’s Blog,, was selected for the Insurance & Technology Blog Honor Roll three times in 2009.

An avid photographer, Mike maintains a personal/professional photo site specializing in sports and event photography.

Mike holds a BA from the University of Washington.