Thanks for dropping by. I respect Jeremy and The Abraham Experience SO MUCH and am SO grateful to them for displaying this image.

Jeremy & Mike

The back story of the picture: I’m sponsoring “Nana”, which means I’m paying $35/mo to support her, praying for her, and checking up on her. Trained by the Destiny Rescue team of volunteer cosmetologists, she gave me a spot-on cut when I was there in November 2013. As you can see, Nana is an adult, but was indeed rescued by Destiny Rescue in 2013, one of 446 rescues that year. It’s an interesting story which I’m not allowed to share publicly out of respect for privacy. Ask Jeremy. He knows the story. Or message me privately. I’m always happy to talk about Destiny Rescue.

PLEASE click HERE for the link to Sponsoring a Rescued Child.

Click HERE to watch my Team Trip Video Recap. Consider going to see for yourself.

Thanks to Jeremy and The Abraham Experience. They absolutely ROCK!