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1. Circa 2016, using Social Tech in Sales is a critically important 4th Wave, following Relationship, Strategic, and CRM.

2. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in June 2016 for $26 billion.

3. Your LinkedIn profile probably ranks in the top 5 results of a Google search of “your name + your company name”. WHOA!

Google Search Rank

Google Search Rank

4. Your Clients and Prospects are using LinkedIn:

  • 128 million U.S. users*
  • 40% check LinkedIn daily*
  • 32% are aged 30-49**

And yet many sales professionals still say…

“I’m ON LinkedIn, but I’m not really using it.”

2 Key Questions

  1. How are your current sales results trending?
  2. What steps are you taking to anchor your Search & Social position?

Can LinkedIn can be part of your tool set? Certainly. Perhaps even urgently.

After actively using LinkedIn and training/coaching sales teams for 9 years, perhaps I can help you reach your goals faster and with greater precision.

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I have seen Mike teach a room full of busy technology-hampered lawyers how to better use social media and I expected everyone to say thank you and never want to see him again. Instead, multiple people requested, or more specifically, demanded that he come back for another session.”  - May 2016, Seth Briskin


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