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In truth, I’m not sure why I feel led to share this. I guess deep down my hope is that through sharing, it will diminish the burden Diane and I will bear as parents of a deployed soldier who leaves behind a wife, a toddler, and an infant.

Zach & Jenny, Malachi & Hazel Anne, Nov2017

Zach & Jenny, Malachi & Hazel Anne, Nov2017

A secondary hope is that the story will give yet another face to the War on Terror, to personalize it, for people that might come into contact with this page. A LOT of people have been touched by this War ever since 9/11. We HAVE to do this. Together.

1LT Zach Wise, Ranger, Kandahar Area, Afghanistan, May 2013

1LT Zach Wise, Ranger, Kandahar Area, Afghanistan, May 2013

Zach was deployed to Afghanistan for most of 2013. As a Dad, I learned a lot. I’ll never forget when he Skyped us asking for special prayers as he was going to be in harm’s way the next day and for 24 hours. He would let us know when the danger had passed. We didn’t hear from him for 4 days…

I’ll also never forget when we got the phone call from Ft. Bliss, TX where his unit was deployed from. “Your soldier has left Afghanistan, sir.” Oh what joy we shared.

Airport Reunion with Mom, "A Flood of Emotion"

Airport Reunion with Mom, “A Flood of Emotion”

In the meantime, Zach got married and started a family. Diane and I sold our long-time house in Ohio. Kelle, our daughter, graduated college and started her life in Cambodia. And we moved to Boston. With precious few moments of discussion with Zach in the ensuing 4 years, I knew I wanted to handle the next Deployment differently. One thing was for certain – I would make a pre-Deployment video with words of encouragement and favorite bible verses from a cloud of witnesses.

I will also be staying in more regular contact and sending more of my specialty – a batch of hand-made, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.

As time goes by, I’ll update this page in the Comments – for all the same reasons above.

“Go get ‘em, Z!” – Todd, his Best Man

“HOORAH, Wiz-EE!!!” – College Soccer Coach



Boston-John Hancock Tower

Digital Business Principle: 

The Internet of Things (#IoT) has rapidly become the next big thing. For the last 5 years, SocialTech has inexorably advanced from a cool new set of tools, through mainstream, and now into mandatory status. Meanwhile, the persistent question, “What’s next? What’s after Social?” has grown louder and louder. Clearly, circa 2015, the answer is #IoT and its intersection with Social, Mobile/Wearable/Cloud devices, #BigData and Human Dynamics. Read the rest of this entry »

Code Halos, by 3 Cognizant Execs

Code Halos, by 3 Cognizant Leaders


You’re in New York City and your lunch date cancels last minute. It’s 12:15pm and you sense an opportunity. Tapping your Code Halo Maps App, a search of nearby restaurants reveals where people in your Code Halo are currently eating. You look at the list. Two clients and one prospect are at Keens Steakhouse one block away. It also says that there’s a 75% chance another prospect will have lunch at Keens today. Keens is the place.  Read the rest of this entry »


Crowdsourcing the Meeting 

The Storify – some of the Social Media live from the meeting

The Tweetbinder – Social sharing stats, with only 10% of attendees sharing, still impressive


My first PIMA experience was the summer of 2005 at the Broadmoor, 10 years ago.  In promoting the brand new Blog, many inquired with a questioning look, “What’s a Blog?”. ☺ [See the original post here. Unfortunately the podcast doesn’t work. Rats!] Read the rest of this entry »



Joanna, so glad I saw your post. Very timely.

Sunset or Sunrise #Corporate #Future #SMAC

A Sunset or A Sunrise?

Just yesterday I had two separate, unrelated conversations with FinServ friends in CLE, one a rising star Millennial with a top-tier bank, and the other, a Web-savvy Boomer with a top-tier regional brokerage, both frustrated with their organization’s policy prohibiting the use of Social Media. The Millennial isn’t sure that his company, as much as he likes it, is the right place for him longer term. His concern is around his own professional growth in the context of a company whose actions, in spite of corporate words, clearly indicate that it doesn’t value staying current with technology and the culture it serves. The boomer spoke about the recent surge in turnover at the firm, good people in the middle of the org chart that are leaving because of inflexible policies around working from home and other cultural issues that cause them to not only see, but jump at other opportunities, and thus forcing the boomer to have to go to clients and introduce yet another client relationship manager, etc., etc., etc.

Your spot-on writing, and thanks for sharing, raises the issues. I’m going to write a bunch of stuff and then share this post with a bunch of people. I hope others do as well. It’s an urgent discussion. Read the rest of this entry »

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