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I recorded this video last year. Subsequently, I worked on a side project helping a WebWisedom client test these concepts. The project was highly successful on a number of levels. So I thought I’d finally share the video.


I had some first hand experience helping with an extremely viral Facebook page recently. Many remarkable observations came out of it. The first one I’d like to share is all about Facebook fake Likes. In the future I’ll come back to some very effective engagement strategies that have broad application (hint: Crowdsourcing). I’m most interested in YOUR experiences and observations. Have you experienced something along these lines? What are your comments about this story? Read the rest of this entry »


First, remember the folks in NY/NJ. Donate to the ARC here.

All right. I’m going to let out a big secret. Ya’ ready?


What do you see?

That’s it!

The incredible thing for a sales person, really anyone, in the era of Social Tech is that people are sharing a close-up picture of their face in their Social Profiles. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter – they all feature a headshot. Look beyond the surface. It’s stunning, amazing, and helpful if you know what to look for.

I can’t believe I just shared one of my best secrets.

That’s all I’m gunna say.

Happy to answer questions and share more insights if prompted. Better yet: Come to one of my Boot Camps. That alone is worth the price of admission.



In case you are curious about the “#” marks in the headline, notice that these ‘hashtags‘ make the subsequent keywords searchable both on Linkedin and Twitter newsfeeds.  So by inserting them in the status updates and tweets, you help interested readers run a live search on those terms within those Social Networks.  Helpful.  And that’s just one of several uses of hashtags…

Wanted to share and hear from you on the following graphic from the Webinar I ran last week for PIMA.  (Btw, if you want to view the full Webinar, it will be available for one more week to the general audience before PIMA moves it to the Member’s-only portal.)  What’s your take on these stats?  I’ve got my own opinion, but curious to hear from you and chew on this.  Please Comment below.  Subscribe to the Comments RSS as well so you get an email with subsequent Comments.

I attended two meetings this week that I think relate to the subject of SocialTech & Social Media Marketing and Insurance.  The first was out in Wichita, KS.  Without disclosing confidential stuff, the salient point is that while farmers seem to be below average in adoption of Twitter, Linkedin, etc., they have the tools in their hands (and Combines as it were) to take advantage of Social.  They just need a good reason to engage.  (And that’s what we’re going to give ‘em.)

The second was a meeting of senior executives with insurance affinity marketing organizations associated with PIMA.  Again, without going into confidential stuff, I think we’re really making progress on the applying Social tools to accomplish organizational goals. For that, I’m very encouraged.  (Of course, these data-points are a small subset of many other things… )  Good things on the horizon for PIMA.  I think it will be the place to be.  Affinity distribution of insurance products lines up nicely with Socially Directed Buying (B2B) and Socially Facilitated Selling (B2B) – IF you do it right. Apparently with the above graphic, that exactly what the members are trying to do.  Encouraging.  Please Comment below.


Another event coming up, one I’d recommend for independent agents or agencies.  Should be a really good use of time.

- from IIABA and the Agent’s Council on Technology:

The Social Web and Insurance–Finding Success & Lessons Learned
Live webinar–Nov 16, 2:00-3:00 PM ET
Agents & consultants overview the lessons learned over the past 18 months and the best practices agents can use to help ensure a successful experience. Panelists include agents Claudia McClain & Angelyn Treutel and consultants Rick Morgan & Mike Wise. Some of the subjects treated will be: does it really drive new business; how important is blogging; where do I get content; how does social networking fit into an overall marketing strategy; how do I budget my time for social networking?
To register–

Btw, if you haven’t already, perhaps listen to the podcasts on this very subject.  Part 1 and Part 2
Zach Wise Houghton College Men's Soccer Class of 2011
Bitter-sweet Moment – Senior-night for Zach Wise at Houghton College Men’s Soccer.
Boy, that went fast.  But Wiz is finishing strong with his best season ever.
YES! Way to go, el-Capitain!!! Strong! Respect.

Reflections on the Aartrijk Brand Camp 2010

As was mentioned in a previous post, ABC2010 was indeed an idea vortex.  10 things I learned or had reinforced:

  1. A new and improved Comment moderation tool for this Blog
  2. How an Agency is using FourSquare
  3. A lot about branding and the value of a brand
  4. That Social was a strong theme running through-out the Camp
  5. That a smaller and less structured meeting worked well with this group and drives a lot of value
  6. Insurance professionals of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, etc. can work together quickly to achieve an objective (my team won the competition!)
  7. Power-strips at tables, free use of tech, WiFi and Twitter hashtags all improve the meeting experience
  8. Agencies and Companies are open to and need massive help with Web sites and Social Tech
  9. The job of Webmaster, and to some extent, CIO, is waning
  10. When making important, strategic purchases, a very high percentage (80-90%) of buyers run various searches for the brand or person they are doing business with

While Social Media Marketing is growing extremely fast, and to some extent at the expense of traditional advertising, the concept of Channel of Choice seems to be the recurring theme.  And these Channels of Choice cannot be type-cast by gender, race, age, location or really any demographic.  Thus, in order to maximize marketing potential, all channels must be used.  To not use any one, say Facebook, is to cut off a certain percentage of the market.  Common sense… but needs to be said.

Content Curation is a tangible solution for our business, especially since we have so many restrictions on what we can say.  We also don’t seem to want to talk about insurance per se all the time.  So the question then becomes, “What do we talk about inside these Social Media’s and Networks?” Content Curation – a fancy term for pointing to other people’s content and Commenting, Aggregating, Rating, Fact-checking, Sharing and so forth.  Do-able.  But remember, when you link to content, your have to make sure it is valid content.  I believe (perhaps legal-eagle readers could elaborate in the Comments under this post) that under the “entanglement theory”, posts you link to would be considered part of your content and thus fall under compliance and legal jurisdiction. The other thing is personal stuff.  Indeed, contrary to conventional wisdom, customers and prospects DO care about the personal side of the people they do business with – it IS appropriate to talk about your trips, your hobbies, and your community, to mention a few.

Where you there?  What were your thoughts of ABC2010?  Any big take-aways you’d like to share?

What’s next?  Aartrijk is crowdsourcing the location, date, and theme of ABC2011.  Join the conversation.  There’s room for more voices.  Music video due out in December.

Pictures here.

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