First, a great big “AWESOMENESS!!!” to Cleveland SHRM. Nailed it last night! See the video. Wish I had more time on the vid, but I know a terrific one will be coming out soon. See all the content on the hashtag site #DisruptHRCLE.

It’s been a while since my last post.

So much has happened.

Long story short, in June I was approached by an old friend from ADP Cleveland days back in the 90′s. Kevin Hudson introduced me to CPI-HR, an awesome company of about 40 folks focused on payroll, HR, benefits, and brokerage in the health insurance space. There are a bunch of high-caliber ex-ADP, Paychex, PrimePay (Wes Perry) and other folks here who thrive in serving complex, mid-sized companies, non-profits, institutions, and municipalities around the USA.

So after 5+ years freelance consulting in Social Tech in the insurance space, I moved back into HR.

4 early observations…

  1. The disruptive impact of technology is no less apparent in HR as it was in insurance. Additionally, there are even more cultural disruptions as well. As an example, someone at the event last night mentioned that a major disruptor in her environment right now is the legalization of marijuana! Wow! So now that smoking pot is becoming legal in certain states, what’s the impact on policy with regard to commercial drivers who were once subject to random drug testing? Good question.
  2. Relative to Social Technologies in HR, there seems to be a significant under-utilization. In fact, several of the speakers at last night’s event referenced the rather LARGE opportunity for HR teams to step up and use Social Media for communication, advocacy, recruiting, recognition, reputation management, and so much more. But I will say that a great number of mid-level HR folks are using Twitter and Instagram, so that’s good. Btw, shout out to the Willory-sponsored IHRIM September session on how to use Technology in Recruiting. I’ll be there as well.
  3. Another observation, no big surprise – HR folks are WAY MORE FUN than insurance folks! No offense to insurance folks.
  4. Lastly, it’s great to be working in Cleveland again. If you’ve never been here, it’s truly a diamond in the rough. Cleveland’ers are so genuine, so committed, hard-working, smart and savvy. Again, no disrespect intended to my friends in insurance. But to my new friends in HR, I’m excited! You guys Rock! :-)

Question for you: What’s the biggest disruptor in your world? I asked the question to a few people last night. I heard technology, legal and regulatory, smoking pot. What yours? Please drop a comment. And did you like the video? Were you there?