Code Halos, by 3 Cognizant Execs

Code Halos, by 3 Cognizant Leaders


You’re in New York City and your lunch date cancels last minute. It’s 12:15pm and you sense an opportunity. Tapping your Code Halo Maps App, a search of nearby restaurants reveals where people in your Code Halo are currently eating. You look at the list. Two clients and one prospect are at Keens Steakhouse one block away. It also says that there’s a 75% chance another prospect will have lunch at Keens today. Keens is the place. 

You then search for clients around you. There are five. You tap the one that recently had a slight issue with one of your consultants. You text her. “Chris. It’s Mike! Pardon the interruption, know you’re busy, but thought I’d check. I just had a lunch cancelation. Possible to have lunch with me at Keens today? We could chat about the issue with Pat last week. Possible?” 30 seconds later… “Sorry, I’ve got plans. But can I have a raincheck? I love Keens. Call me around 530 – would like to chat.” “Sure thing.”

You copy the text and go to client #2 – Joe. Your Code Halo app says Joe posted an interesting tweet that morning about converging technologies. “Joe. It’s Mike! Pardon the interruption, know you’re busy, but thought I’d check. I just had a lunch cancelation. Possible to have lunch with me at Keens today? Love to chat about converging technologies…” 30 seconds later… “Sure! Love to. 20 Minutes?” “Yes sir! I’ll get the table. Keens in 20 minutes. Thanks!”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

From a dreaded last-minute cancelation, in 5 minutes, your Code Halo, in intersection with your clients’ and prospects’ Code Halos, shows who in your network is where, right now, around you. It also shows you real-time details you can use. Thus, it allows you to instantly communicate with them in a relevant way. BAM! Out of adversity you have a very productive scenario – a chance for a meaningful conversation with a client at a location where you might run into other clients and prospects.

The power of Code Halos 

And that’s just the beginning. Going further:

1. Drilling deeper down into Joe’s company’s Code Halo while you wait for Joe at Keens shows you several sales ops that you might want to mention in the conversation about converging technologies.

2. Remember the 75% chance that a prospect would eat at Keens today? Sure enough, because people are creatures of habit, suddenly your device alerts you. They just checked into Keens. Wow. It also shows their Facebook update that morning: “OMG, I found my favorite vase shattered on the floor in the kitchen this morning. Rufus is avoiding all eye contact with me. I think I know who the culprit is.” Hilarious!

Results: The last-minute lunch with Joe touches on an opportunity that later develops into a sales process. The quick chat with the prospect, laughing about the dog while commiserating about the vase, turns into another sales process. And the original two clients and prospect that caused you to select Keens in the first place smile and say, “Give me a call.”

Something out of nothing. Aren’t last-minute things the BEST!!!

That’s the future. And it’s not that far away.

Without Code Halos 

On the flip side is a typical scenario using today’s commonly available tools…

Your lunch cancels. “Oh man. I was counting on that one. That was my best lunch of the week. Now what do I do. Well, let me log into Salesforce. Now let’s search by zip code.” Scroll scroll scroll. “Ah! Chris…” Text her see if she’s available last minute. “Rats. She’s booked. How about Joe…” Available! Yes. “Great! Where do you want to eat?” Joe says, “I don’t care. How about Linguini’s?” “Ok see you there.”

No other clients and prospects. No context for the lunch. Perhaps suggested future cross-sell opportunities noted in Salesforce, IF you’ve been keeping it up to date manually (unless IT did the API). IF you’re on Twitter and think of it, you look at Joe’s recent tweets and start the conversation about converging technologies.

Nothing is automated. It’s really all on you. And you have no idea that right down the street at Keens Steakhouse business opportunities await.

What do YOU think?

If you see the opportunity here, do you see why this kind of application of technology to standard business dynamics is a game-changer? Going further, do you have a vision for how incredibly powerful this can become?

As I Commented on a spot-on @BearingPoint blog post yesterday, “Isn’t Insurance, after all, about the complexities of human dynamics – risk, money, and avoidance of pain and distress caused by unforeseen events? Isn’t the emergence of new technologies changing all of those formulas? …As insurers, don’t we need to rethink virtually everything? Are there any sacred cows left?” 



Is technology fundamentally changing EVERYTHING? We have major companies going extinct – Kodak! Who ever thought Kodak would be bankrupt! Insanity! But a major shift in technology made their traditional business unsustainable and they didn’t adapt into the new technologies, technologies that THEY THEMSELVES invented by the way, nearly fast enough. And so they went the way of Blockbuster, Borders, Newsweek, Radio Shack, and so many others.

What’s going to be the impact on business in the next 36 months? I’ve got my ideas. But what do YOU think? Will Code Halos create some really big winners, just like Netflix, Apple, Google, Pandora, Amazon? What other household names today will be G-O-N-E gone tomorrow? Is anyone really safe?

Really, I want to know, what do YOU think?

Thanks, Mike