Crowdsourcing the Meeting 

The Storify – some of the Social Media live from the meeting

The Tweetbinder – Social sharing stats, with only 10% of attendees sharing, still impressive


My first PIMA experience was the summer of 2005 at the Broadmoor, 10 years ago.  In promoting the brand new Blog, many inquired with a questioning look, “What’s a Blog?”. ☺ [See the original post here. Unfortunately the podcast doesn’t work. Rats!]

Stoweflake 2007

Stoweflake 2007

Over the last ten years, it has been thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging to gather with this downright astute, friendly and approachable collaboration of individuals that collectively account for nearly $16 Billion of in-force premium in a $60 Billion Association and Affinity Member Benefits Market, with over 16 million active insurance certificates, amassed over the last 40 years. WOW! It’s a pretty impressive group, which is now coming into the third generation of marketers, administrators, and underwriters.

The Pictures

By year two I had taken up digital photography. The Summer Conference in Napa presented a beautiful backdrop for honing my craft.  So I threw the new DSLR into my travel bag and brought it to the meetings. Wow, did you all LOVE those pics.  Now, well, the rest is history – literally, photographic history!  It has become an honor, along with my shutterbug buddy, Dave Olsen to be part of the “PIMA-razzi”.

[On a side note, I can’t recommend highly enough getting into photography. It’s been a great creative outlet and adds a lot of value in many different contexts, and helps aid in recall and retention of the people, places, and events of your life.]

Here’s the complete photographic archive:

A Video

Video is widely recognized as the undisputed heavyweight champion of content marketing. If you’re not convinced, I made a video about video a while back, lol. See it here.

Video always brings photos to life. So here’s a very simple Animoto video recapping some of my favorite pictures from past PIMA meetings. Current and/or previous PIMA attendees – see if you made the final cut!

So did you watch it?

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Affinity 2020 Reactions at the Meeting

The awesome Affinity 2020 Report rolled out at the meeting. As hoped, the 2020 Report generated much conversation. Perhaps the comment I’ll remember the most was one made to my wife by someone who knows me well. “Mike is perfectly positioned for all this.” I appreciate the sentiment, and not in a backslapping way. I’m simply encouraged that someone noticed what I’ve been doing as a freelancer these past several years. (Of course it’s probably not a coincidence that they attended one of my private Social Tech Boot Camps for their company about a year ago.) THANKS!

2020 is just around the corner and much exciting work is yet to be done especially with technology. See my publication “10 #DigitalBusiness Must Do’s by 2017″ on Linkedin Pulse in December. Great Comments, too.

What’s Next 

I’ve had a few conversations with PIMA folks on what would be most helpful in accomplishing their 2020 goals. It seems like the strongest interest is around BigData and Mobile Technologies.

I’d like to pose four Strategic Focus Points:

Podcasting back in 2009 about HCR

Podcasting back in 2009 about HCR

Culture – Drucker’s quote, “Culture eats strategy for lunch,” stresses that in order to implement the necessary transformation to digital, it’s widely accepted that people and processes need to change along with the business models. We all know when change begins, more things are uncovered that need to be changed. For example, that minor master bath update – new sink and vanity once started reveals water damage on the floor and ‘oh my goodness the shower is leaking’!  Next thing you know, Voila! You have a whole new master bath! You may have gleaned that my wife and I ended up with a beautiful new master bath☺. And while it was costly, and took more work than I had anticipated, I was grateful that I got started, because if I hadn’t, the damage would have been worse, and as it turned out, it added financial value to the subsequent sale of the house about 12 months later.

Technology Infrastructure – The IT paradigm must be nimble: Cloud, BYOD, crowdsourcing, true internal collaboration systems like Jive (versus traditional email only), freelancer compatibility, and of course, the strongest of security measures around PII. This can feel like a tectonic shift, but it has to be done. Critically important.

Product Renovation - Like our master bath, I couldn’t even complete the project, much less have a ‘beautiful’ result, without much needed expert help.  Your best renovation will come via crowd-design using your customers. You see, once you make the enterprise truly customer-focused and ask YOUR customers to design THEIR products, within the guidelines of group regulations, pricing, etc., then you can migrate customers to the new products. This then provides opportunity for cross-sell and up-sell, customer alignment, referrals and earned media, and a bunch of ancillary opportunities.  Done well, all this will make your block healthier, more profitable, and sustainable.

Other Business Opportunities – Once implementation tackles these tasks, opportunities will emerge. A nimble culture, savvy technology and innovative product infrastructure, combined with insurance and business development opportunities currently in play in other markets outside of association and affinity, all this foundational work, will position the enterprise to make plays elsewhere. Plus, by 2020, whole new insurance opportunities will then be on the table, right? As Gretzky said, you want to skate to where the puck is going to be. And you want to be a lean, mean, scoring machine when it gets there.

So where is the puck going? The Affinity 2020 Report says it’s going to the face-off circles called Web, Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud – #SMAC.

My Next Steps – “Code Halos”

2015 is going to be a year of change for me. I’m skating to where the puck is going to be. As I mentioned to several people at PIMAAM15, “Code Halos” is where the puck is going. The intersection of personal halos, product halos, and company halos, in the context of social/societal halos, that’s where the puck is going to be. Who wants to pursue this with me?

3 Intersecting Circles - Code Halos

Code Halos

In the meantime, I’ll also continue doing ever popular Social Tech Boot Camps and 12 Step Processes. I’m also working on a new SMAC Booster-shot for Leadership Teams – 1.5 hours on Social Tech, 1.5 hours on Mobile Tech, 1.5 hours on Analytics and BigData, and 1.5 hours on Cloud – #SMAC. And somewhere in there, we’ll do a micro-session on Hashtags. Hashtags are the key to so much of what’s happening today, on several levels.

Message me if you want to set something up. I’ve done public sessions, private sessions, sponsored sessions for business partners, conference workshops, and everything in between. With the proper executive sponsorship, these sessions yield tremendous ROI. Plan for next summer and fall now.

Questions and Comments

I know it’s a lot to bite off all at once, but what are your thoughts

  1. Were you at PIMAAM15?
  2. Did you like the video?
  3. Did you read the 2020 Report?
  4. What are YOUR next steps?
  5. What wakes you up at night?
  6. Where do you want to be in 2020?
  7. What kind of company will be the big winner in Affinity marketing in the years ahead?

Thanks, Mike