Twelve months in the making, the new Professional Insurance Marketers Association Affinity 2020 Report came out last week.

Impressive. Thanks to all the volunteers, esp. Chris Burke and Dave Armstrong.

Hope to do a video on it shortly. Pretty compelling data around the urgency of transitioning to digital.

My Top 3 Most Salient Points, given the focus of the report on Insurance Marketing via Associations and Group Trusts, although the main points seem to apply to any insurance marketing organization, whether the sales and service functions are are through associations, individual agents, or direct-to-consumer. But what are YOUR Comments. I really want to know.


“They view knowledge as power, are online, mobile, and wireless. … Affinity insurance marketers must make it easy for busy Boomers to find answers and make purchases quickly and easily, across digital channels.”


“92% of Millennial women say they want to buy from a company that supports a cause…. Affinity marketers should find relevant, appropriate and meaningful causes to support and promote that support in their marketing.”

Technology & #BigData

“Data scientists, modelers, and actuaries will all be required to make the data, learnings and insights actionable… Employee skill sets either need to be on-boarded or engaged via consultants. … Expansion of the competitive set, beyond traditional channels, is a strategic imperative when conducting market analysis. Developing strategic relationships and partnerships will be essential to leverage these new opportunities.”

So much more in the report. Really great work.

What are YOUR thoughts? Please share. Thanks in advance.