First of all, I’m an idiot and I don’t get a lot of things right. Nuf said.

Boy, it’s been one heck of a year. Today marks the return to HubSpot Inbound. Last year, at the end of #Inbound13, Scott Harrison’s closing keynote ROCKED MY WORLD and sent me in a new direction.

My #Inbound13 Team

Inbound12 was awesome, but Inbound13 ‘lit the wick.’ As I watched through tears the Rachel Beckwith birthday video, I heard about the incredible impact one nine year old had had in her brief life. Right then and there, I committed to give my best to a Thailand NGO I was helping in my spare time on Skype. #HumanTrafficking and #ChildSexSlavery were, and are, killing the very soul of 21st Century humanity. Could I do more to help Destiny Rescue with the foundations of Content Marketing, Inbound, and nonprofit fundraising? Yes.

So the very next week, when I shared about HubSpot and everything I had learned at Inbound, Destiny Rescue immediately tested my resolve and asked me to raise the funds and come to Thailand on the November Team Trip. Of course, the immediate answer was, “Wow. Let me see if I can move a training session with a client that week, but yes, I want to come.” There’s a whole lot more to the story. If you’re interested, read about here, here and here. And that story is still unfolding, on many levels…

Look, I’m no hero. I’m just trying to walk by faith and trust that I’m going in the right direction. I’m giving it my best. And a HUGE shout-out to all my insurance clients. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

But most of all, thanks to HubSpot for flipping my switch last year. All you guys ROCK! Great software, great marketing concepts, and the inspiration to give it my best. Deeply grateful. Enjoy the vid!

THANK YOU! See you at #Inbound14. PUMPED!