@HubSpot #Inbound14

Check out the TWEETBINDER Twitter hashtag stats for the last 7 days!

WOW! Jaw-dropping, Stunning, Incredibly useful, Staggering B2B Marketing!

Having attended 2012 with @GaryVee and Cyndy Lauper and so many others, then 2013 which totally BLEW ME AWAY, Inbound14 set a new gold standard in B2B Event Marketing. Just incredible, on SO MANY levels.

Nuf said. What did YOU think?

Btw, if you want the full hashtag stats and timeline, Tweetbinder will run one for $40. (Or drop a Comment and I’ll email my copy.)

Thanks, HubSpot. You guys are WICKED AWESOME!

Sidekick and CRM seem BRILLIANT!