Before & After

It’s Labor Day 2014 back in the States. After flying halfway around the world from Saturday morning to Sunday night, I’m back in Thailand this week to help an orphanage for children with HIV – Agape Home. As I guest posted on their new blog, some friends of mine asked me if I would help this group with their digital capabilities – Web, Social, Donor Management – simple digital plumbing that would go a long way towards helping them expand to handle more children.

Step one has been overhauling the Web site. The old site was flash-based and didn’t work on mobile, hard to update, lots of challenges. Following eight weeks of work, their new site launched last Friday – not fancy, but suitable for this first phase.

Phase Two will be all about selecting, installing, and training on a new donor management, cloud-based core platform.

This week, my wife and I are spending the week there. Diane will be shadowing Avis Rideout, the founder of the home, a 40-year veteran of the ministry from Canada. Read about Avis’s story on the site. I will be working with the staff teaching them how to operate the WordPress site, some higher level concepts of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as capturing media for a super-cool fundraising event in a couple months.

Keep Diane and I in your thoughts and prayers this week. It will be a challenging pleasure/pain situation for sure. And it will be hard to leave. Please show these dear people some love by following them across their Social Graph. Donations would of course be MOST welcome.

Words of encouragement, especially on their site, would be awesome.

Next week – Digitizing the Soul of the Enterprise.