Where are we headed with Social? With Tech? With Productivity? Virtualization? Cloud? SaaS? MobileTech? Globalization? Privacy & Security? Culture? Transparency? Generational Trends and Preferences? Government Influence? Economics and Currencies? Shipping & Transportation? Environmental Pressures?

What will it take to be a survivor? A winner? What do YOU think? I want to know. WE ALL want to know. 

Blockbuster Lost. Why?

Looking back in, say, 2017, just 36 short months from now, what will we point to as mistakes today, way back in 2010-2014, when mega-disruptions started happening?

At their most basic forms, what will the new structures look like? Don’t agree that things will be “new” by 2017? Stop reading now, cash out, and “retire” to Naples or Scottsdale.

A few high-level, food-for-thought, legit questions, before we get to THE question for this round. Oh, and by the way, I’m NOT doing this for drama, traffic, consulting gigs, or anything else along those lines. I am however going to crowdsource a book. As my Dad used to say back in our loghome building days in the ‘70s in New Hampshire, “Come hell or highwater, I’m GUNNA GET THAT DONE.”

Mike and Dick Loghome Building in NH c. 1977

Stay with me. Stay with this thread. Keep thinking, observing, and connecting the dots. Write your own blog and crosslink here. I think we’ll all be better for it.

In 2017…

  • Will we still be faced with literally hundreds of emails, CC’s, BCC’s, Spam, multiple revisions, etc. etc.?
  • Will we still be commuting EVERY day, many of us driving cars to work en masse five days a week?
  • Will we have the same size staff doing the same functions?
  • Will the common org chart still be the command-and-control pyramid?
  • Will the majority of the take-home pay still be concentrated in the top third of the enterprise?
  • Will the urban glass skyscrapers and suburban gated corporate campuses in the USA be full or empty, thriving ecocenters or, as Gen. Patton said about walls: “monuments to the stupidity of mankind”?
  • Will 2nd World economies and markets, booming and teaming with skyline cranes in 2010-2014, be the new global hot spots where us Westerners will be migrating to for at least part of the year to make money?

Bangkok Booming

  • Will a new batch of senior and middle managers be fluent in technology-driven, distributed management, virtualization, gamification, results-management versus time-management, round org charts, new forms of compensation, shared employees, Crowdsourcing, wearable and implantable technologies?

My hypothesis:

Absent government intervention and control of the Web, Social Business WILL facilitate the transition from where we are today to these future states, and so many more.

How will these changes come to pass? That’s the million dollar question? And that’s where you come in.


Let’s break it down into bite sized pieces, starting with easiest and working our way into the more challenging concepts.

So as I’ve been thinking about these questions, and talking about them with people in conference rooms, conventions, dinners, airplanes, blogs, and social networks literally around the world, I have heard (and seen) many responses.

People from all walks of life

We’re going somewhere, that’s for sure. And it’s going to be different from the quaint, orderly, and controlled days of the early 2010’s. “ADAPT OR DIE!”, right?

So here’s what I’d like to do. Over the next few months, perhaps to conclude by the end of the Summer of 2014, I’ll pose one key question a week. You the reader will frame the answers, comment on each other’s responses, and vote up or down the previous responses. I’ll first sort the comments by first-to-last to reward those who take the lead. At the end of the week, I’ll then re-sort by up-votes.

First question: This may seem too easy, too obvious, too naïve, too simplistic, but trust this one. It’s foundational.


In 2017, will email still be the primary means of communicating INSIDE the enterprise? Yes or No. And Why?

Suggestion: BEFORE you read the responses, perhaps craft your response, at least in your head or jot a couple ideas separately in a note that you can then copy/paste. Or if you really want to chew on this one, make a note in your calendar for some later downtime and research and write on it. Then come back and copy/paste. Either way, click the notifications box to keep reminded. I’d also ask you to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already, so as to keep in the loop with upcoming questions and discussions.

Thanks in advance. Following posts will be shorter. Promise.