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It was funny that a few people came up to me and said something like, “Mike, good to see you back here! Boy how long has it been? A couple years?!?!” Actually, I only missed one meeting last summer in Bermuda!! But I signed up so late that I wasn’t event on the late-registration list! Truthfully, I almost didn’t go – purely out of frustration. However, as it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised to find many of the companies within the association going hard after Social Tech. IMHO, that bodes well for the industry. So I humbly say thanks to several people that encouraged me to go, especially Ed, Steve, James, John, Fred, Mike and a few others.

Yes, I left very encouraged about the future of Association Insurance & Benefits Marketing. If you want a snapshot of what happened at the meeting, take a look at the Storify of what was shared on Twitter and Instagram. In about five minutes of scanning, you’ll see what caught the attendeess’ attention. Net net, again, in my opinion, some of the leading companies are engaging in meaningful efforts to understand this sea-change in industry. As John Spence aptly said about the influence and reach of Social Tech, “You piss me off and I can let 30,000 people know about it within about 5 minutes.” Yikes. That’s surely something to pay attention to.

Particularly impressive was the number of additional people on Twitter and Instagram, and those that were on were doing it well. I saw hints of this last summer as I watched the Bermuda hashtag from afar. Still too much pen and paper on the conference tables, but there’s definite progress, again, in my humble opinion.

On a side note, take a look at the Reach and Exposure stats.

Wow! With only about 20 of the 250 or so attendees sharing content, we generated 500,000 potential impressions , primarily in two morning sessions. Pretty incredible. Imagine what the collective reach will be one day when virtually all attendees are actively sharing content across rich and active networks? Instead of 500k from 10% of the audience, how about 10x that? Yes, that’s 50 million! Here’s a bold prediction:

#PIMA2017 will be a trending topic U.S. on Twitter.

A couple last points:

  • The snickering about Social seems to have finally died. Nuf said.
  • More people were younger, savvier, and focused on business.
  • Ellen Carney was brilliant as usual. Podcast due later in February. Excellent stuff.
  • Scott Klososky made another popular and brilliant exhortation. I understand someone actually reached out to him for a process. As he and I are working on a partnership, hope I get to contribute to that effort. I’ve got three Case Studies from the industry that are quite compelling and instructive.

Net net, there’s hope.

Oh, and remember the video contest the organization is running. I guess it could be called crowdsourcing. Submit a video! It should be good for everyone.

On a somber note, I felt a hole left by a few missing people that have always added a lot of value, notably Joan, Ron, Sue, Bill, Kathie, and John. And I definitely want to remember Tim and Nancy and the death in the family that happened suddenly during the meeting. Sorry for your loss – very tragic. I’ll be remembering you in my thoughts and prayers.

Were you there? What were your thoughts? Did you follow the hashtag? Please dialog…