Haircut In Destiny Salon

In September and October, I mentioned this November trip to Thailand on the blog and via Social Networks. I’ve been back for 10 days now and still find myself tearing up everyday at some point. Having finally recovered from jet lag, which was a LOT harder and more painful than expected (you global travel vets might comment), I’m finally starting to think clearly about what happened to me over there and what it means for me/us longer term. As of today, Thursday, I’m not yet ready to share thoughts. Plus I’m still digging through all the normal work from the 10 days I was gone.

A note on the picture above. I’m Nana’s “Sponsor”, which means I’m paying $35/mo to support her. Trained by the Destiny Rescue team of volunteer cosmetologists, she gave me a spot-on cut by the way. I was grateful, although I wished we spoke the same language. But there’s a lot you can do with a Smartphone and a WiFi connection at a time like that. I saw many other sweet children who’s hope and joy has been restored, including a 15-year old cafe barrista who made a cappuccino that rivaled the best one I had in Seattle. (Names and details changed to protect the innocent.)

If you’re interested, perhaps make a note to return to this page (or subscribe) this time next week.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the pictures, with a few video clips sprinkled in. Sorry for a few disturbing images, but that’s just the way it is.

Meanwhile also, click through and follow Destiny Rescue across their Web Properties. As you feel so led, consider sharing their content with your networks. They have a huge goal of 100,000 Rescues by 2020. So I’m hoping a big swath of my network will join me in the effort. I know #sexslavery is a bit of a tough subject for business people to get behind (as compared to a Habitat for Humanity project, a water project, etc.), so I’m setting my expectations appropriately. But perhaps at least help by following and sharing their content. Thanks.

Encouraging comments most welcome.

Postlude: Here’s the video recap I made, intended to encourage others to sign up for a Destiny Rescue Team Trip. Go and see.