At dinner tonight, I heard the oft-repeated Albert Einstein quote, “What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There seems to be little question about it anymore – Technology has been changing the world around us for some time. With the advent of personal technology that connects the individual to the crowd in real-time, the human dynamic of Social Technology is accelerating that change.

Steve Jobs Holds Original iphone

And yet, the majority of insurance companies and large agencies and brokers do NOT have a Social Tech Strategy in place? And here we are, about to start 2014! The original iPhone, which is commonly attributed as having launched this new era of Social Business, came out almost SEVEN YEARS ago! Hasn’t enough time elapsed for business leaders to not only get started, but to be well down the road to mastery? Yet a visit to Google and a search of insurance companies and their digital properties will quickly reveal that most clearly don’t have a strategy for Social Tech…

  • Old, outdated Web sites
  • Herky-jerky Facebook pages
  • Poorly executed Linkedin pages
  • Few YouTube Channels
  • No Blogs, no Crowdsourcing, no Voice
  • No reputation management
  • Few companies have Social Media policies
  • Most are still stuck in email hell
  • Tortuous Powerpoints droning on
  • Paper is everywhere
  • Blackberry’s
  • Misinformed compliance departments
  • IT infrastructures that are slowing the organization down precisely at a time when the velocity of the world around us is accelerating.

The list goes on. Sure, there are exceptions, but we all know this to be true. Note that my purpose is not to offend here, but merely to state the obvious and build a case for a cross-functional, strategic process for implementing Social Technologies.

Clearly, this is more information than can be effectively covered in one blog post. It’s been a while since we did a series of posts on a single topic. So let’s chew on this together. A 3-Part Series on Social Tech Strategy.

In no particular order at this point, here are the topics I’d like to cover. These are some of the essentials that I’ve witnessed as groups go through a strategic process.

  1. Interdepartmental, cross-functional
  2. What’s the right amount of time? 3 months? A year?
  3. Who champions the effort?
  4. Who shepherds the process?
  5. Who should be on the team?
  6. What are the goals?
  7. Can this process be used to help solve other systemic, cultural issues?
  8. What about learning as you go through the strategy process?
  9. Can using a new set of tools for the strategic process itself be helpful?
  10. What time-honored paradigms need to be tossed out?

Are you interested? What else would you like to see covered and discussed? What have YOU observed? Please Comment and Share. I’m happy to lead the discussion. As I say to my choir director when she asked me to do a solo, “I like to sing, but I’m no soloist.”

Come on insurance peeps. Let’s do this. We didn’t get Web sites right. Let’s get Social Tech right. Let’s show the world we have a heart and can do this. It’s not that hard.

Part 1 next week, I promise.