Missing a few later arrivals, but great group!

Doing anything in Manhattan is a milestone event. By any account, it’s one of the greatest cities on the planet.

So organizing a Social Tech Boot Camp for Insurance Executives in Manhattan took some doing – 24 months of doing.

And now here we are. It was really quite a good group of eclectic and savvy insurance peeps. We had some of the savviest digital marketing insurance peeps ON THE PLANET. We also had Compliance people, Sales, Consultants, CorpCom, and of course bums off the street (jk). We had Jive Software talking about Collaborative Networks in Insurance (aka Internal Social Networks). And we all owe significant gratitude to USI Insurance for hosting. (Oh and btw, a few people couldn’t make this one. So Round 2 is already in the works at Deutsche Bank on Wall Street on Dec 10th or 11th.)

My personal goal with all this work? I was hopeful about scheduling “Private” Boot Camps, and the ensuing 12 Step Implementation Process in 2014. Based on 8 years of experience with Social Tech in insurance, it’s critically important to do it right, to be intentional, to be methodical. By nature, there is no cookie-cutter approach to implementing Social Tech. Nuf said.

There’s so much potential with Social Tech in insurance, but also so much misinformation, so many barriers. What I’d like to hear from the group, and what I suspect readers would like to read and engage with, is THEIR thoughts.

So looking back on the discussions amongst the illustrious group of 20 or so, I’d like to pose three questions. Be as candid as you like. (And I’m not looking for attaboy’s here.) In a very real sense, I’m Crowdsourcing the Top Three Take-aways from the 2013 NYC Social Tech Boot Camp. The Comments might be quite remarkable given the group and the subject matter.

#1 – Inspiring – What top item makes you want to reach higher, go father, move faster?

#2 – Surprising – Describe a top “Aha!” moment you were unaware of yesterday.

#3 – Challenging – What barrier or obstacle to Social Tech implementation first comes to mind?

Ready – Set – Go! Add your comment below.

Please take a few minutes to subscribe to the Replies and read prior comments (but don’t change yours!).

Last step: Share the post across your networks. Ask others to Comment on your Comment.

I will watch from a distance and then add a Comment with some traffic stats on the post and some additional thoughts.

If we do it right and all participate, the results should be quite useful, remarkable, and fun.

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