Social & Search: The BoBW

A deep dive into the top three reasons why every business, large and small, B2B and B2C, should be all over Google+. Plus, if you listen carefully, you will hear no less than 50 nuggets of actionable items.

Ryan’s Top 3 Most Important Aspects of Google+, circa Q4 2013:

  1. Digital Conversations and Building 1-to-1 Relationships
  2. SEO and easy-to-understand, simple technical reasons
  3. Google Hangouts and free Video Conferencing

A bonus item: Content.

  • Ryan’s Three Criteria for Creating Content: Educational, Entertaining, Inspiring.
  • Types of Content: Read, Watch, Listen, View, Share
  • “Content Marketing is digitizing the soul of your business.”
  • “Tell the story of your business as often as you can. Or tell the story of your clients.”
  • Content Marketing: You have to put in the work today to reap the benefits a year from now.

Google+ right now is a Social Network of Influencers – journalists, bloggers, marketers, business owners. So tell stories that indicate to Google that you need to be ranked higher as an authority.

Understand Google Authority, Rank, and Inbound Links from Web Pages (+1’s)

Google Hangout – free, works well, can be recorded and posted to YouTube (public or private). “There’s a million different things you can do with it.”

“We are the cliche. We’ve made this transition because it works. And that’s the God’s honest truth.”

“No Paid Search. None. Zero. … 5000 Uniques a month now… Last Friday we got 9 new leads, I think so far we’ve signed 5 of them.” Even stuns the camera man ala “The Office”!!!

“I can generate more revenue doing this stuff than pounding the streets in my rubber-soled shoes.”

Great story at the end about the Liquor Store client, a dual video, and “building your fence”.

Love Ryan Hanley – a humble guy from Albany that’s changing the world by being his best.
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BrandCamp – Be there or be square.

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