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At dinner tonight, I heard the oft-repeated Albert Einstein quote, “What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There seems to be little question about it anymore – Technology has been changing the world around us for some time. With the advent of personal technology that connects the individual to the crowd in real-time, the human dynamic of Social Technology is accelerating that change. Read the rest of this entry »


Missing a few later arrivals, but great group!

Doing anything in Manhattan is a milestone event. By any account, it’s one of the greatest cities on the planet.

So organizing a Social Tech Boot Camp for Insurance Executives in Manhattan took some doing – 24 months of doing. Read the rest of this entry »


A few facts

  1. Average life expectancy of a child caught up in sex slavery: 5 years.
  2. Most of the parents were tricked into letting their children go.
  3. It doesn’t take much imagination to visualize the hell they go through every day.
  4. Circa 2013, a new child gets pulled into sex slavery somewhere in the world every 26 seconds.

How this trip will bear fruit in the fight to help these children:

  1. Spend three full days with the US Marketing Director (the Mission Trip Team Leader) enhancing the 2014 Strategy for Core Fundraising
  2. Advanced Social Media training for the Social Media Team in Chiang Rai
  3. Awesome pictures (of course, right!?!?) and video clips
  4. Make at least one very effective Viral Video
  5. Possibly visit the child Diane and I are sponsoring
  6. Encourage my fellow teammates on the trip

This could be the intersection of a lot of very, very cool things. But none of this will happen without people like you backing me. Please help me help them. Thanks in advance.

The Plea

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Social & Search: The BoBW

A deep dive into the top three reasons why every business, large and small, B2B and B2C, should be all over Google+. Plus, if you listen carefully, you will hear no less than 50 nuggets of actionable items.

Ryan’s Top 3 Most Important Aspects of Google+, circa Q4 2013:

  1. Digital Conversations and Building 1-to-1 Relationships
  2. SEO and easy-to-understand, simple technical reasons
  3. Google Hangouts and free Video Conferencing

A bonus item: Content. Read the rest of this entry »

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