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I sat weeping in my seat, wedged in between an old friend and a new friend, weeping – just straight weeping. Not sobbing, not crying – weeping. Tears running faster than I could wipe them away, nose running with no tissues in sight, grateful the house lights were down and I wasn’t the only one. Scott Harrison’s Charity: Water video was playing in the closing moments of what had become a sudden and dramatic shift in my perspective. I was completely undone.

Rachel Beckwith Video (click to view)

HubSpot’s #Inbound13 – a milestone event. Time shifted for me there. So did my take on what the heck I’m doing. A new life had been unfolding over the previous seven days. Greater meaning, new ideas, new thoughts, new visions had been breaking in from the edges of an old framework of thought. In this moment, my entire legacy structure shattered. A higher sense of my humanness…..connectedness had replaced the old self-centeredness, pride, greed, envy, and most of the other Seven Deadly Sins. Yep, I admit it. Coming from a highly-connected guy in the insurance business, my prior focus collided head-on with a higher purpose.

9 elements that came into sharp focus in the midst of 5000 attendees from around the world:

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