But first… Rant of the day…

Check out some useful PDF-based stats from @Adobe on Mobile, including Tablet. Provocative. Sapid.

OK, so help me understand… If RIM is such an infinitesimally small piece of the puzzle (see page 6), how can so many insurance CIO’s still justify mandating Blackberry’s as standard-issue technology to executives? Am I out in left-field on this? #HowToKillAnEnterprise

On to the main story…

Why am I pumped for #Inbound13? Check out the hashtag on Twitter. It’s already useful and the meeting is three weeks away!

Click to see all the pics from #Inbound12 last year

Do you prefer video? Here’s the video I made (that HubSpot shared, btw) …

8 VERY practical reasons to go, and by no means the whole list:

  1. Network with savvy marketers from other industries. No-brainer.
  2. Learn from the best and brightest on refining my knowledge of the essentials of digital marketing – web design, e-commerce, conversions, content, alignment, inbound, social, lead-gen, C-level buy-in, you name it.
  3. Look at just the Tuesday 11-11:45 slot on the Agenda. I want to go to 4 of them!
  4. Get in the mix of high-energy, marketing buzz. Quite candidly, I’m burned out on the male, pale, and stale insurance boondoggles. Come to Inbound and you’ll see why. Um, and there’s NO freaking GOLF tournament.
  5. OK, so hashtag “#Inbound13″ will be TRENDING U.S. on Twitter the ENTIRE 3 days. Gee, that might be a good place to be. (Man, I wish there was a tongue-in-cheek font!)
  6. Tweet like a maniac, see good people to follow, pick up followers (good ones, too), meet them at McGreevy’s later that day. Amazing. Remember this: Facebook is for connecting with people you USED to know; Linkedin for people you KNOW; and Twitter for people you WANT to know.
  7. Rock out to some good music. (Bring your own flask, though, if you’re into that… long lines, expensive drinks, you know the drill. Oh yeah, and bring a powerstrip in your gear bag!)
  8. Lastly, I especially want to hear Scott Harrison from charity: water. I’m doing some pro bono work for a #humantrafficking org called Destiny Rescue based in Australia and Thailand. I want to give them some great new tactics to help with the cause of ending this dread human symptom.

If budget is the issue, HubSpot was kind enough to give me a 50% discount code for the registration. Contact me. And with the subway system in Boston, you can stay outside the city in cheaper hotels. I’m sharing two double-beds in a Cambridge hotel between 4 guys with one spot left if you want to opt-in. It’s a bed and a shower. It’s not like we’ll be spending very much time there. Earplugs are your friend! No spooning! HA!

Hope it helps. Follow #Inbound13 from 8/20-22. It will be cranking useful nuggets ALL DAY. What else do you want to know? See you there?