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But first… Rant of the day…

Check out some useful PDF-based stats from @Adobe on Mobile, including Tablet. Provocative. Sapid.

OK, so help me understand… If RIM is such an infinitesimally small piece of the puzzle (see page 6), how can so many insurance CIO’s still justify mandating Blackberry’s as standard-issue technology to executives? Am I out in left-field on this? #HowToKillAnEnterprise

On to the main story…

Why am I pumped for #Inbound13? Check out the hashtag on Twitter. It’s already useful and the meeting is three weeks away!

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First a quick shout-out to my new client – you know who you are. You guys are off to a great start working through the 12 Step Process. And while we’re on the topic of CEO’s, your progress is in no small way a credit to your CEO, once he saw the real deal via the Boot Camp. Kudo’s all around. 2014 should be a really good year for you…

Source Article via Linkedin: Top CEO’s using Social Tech

Yes, it’s great to see two insurance executives on the list. That at least gives us something to talk about.

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