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Why use video? Why NOT video. People LOVE video. When I do Boot Camps and play a video, all eyes are on-screen. We are visual people. When I set pictures to music and make a video, the pictures seem to come alive. Heck, just look at the TV-viewing stats? People are addicted to video. Much more so than radio, right? When was the last time you sat on the couch Read the rest of this entry »


First, it’s been way too long. I have no defense, no excuse. I do have reasons, but nonetheless going for 6 weeks without a new post to the blog is professionally unacceptable. Yes, I completely understand that it’s not as if people are waiting with baited breath, reaching out to me and asking for a new post. “Mike, what happened to you? Are you still alive???” And I realize, with my updates to Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, it’s not hard to find signs of life across my Social Graph. But nonetheless, as I say to others, Read the rest of this entry »

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