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The American Fraternal Alliance asked me to speak at their Fraternal and Communications Mid-Year Meeting held in Miami last week. It was a remarkable event on a number of levels.



Prior to the meeting, I interviewed one of the AFA members who is using Social Tech. United Commercial Travelers is doing a phenomenal job with Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and a Blog. So I built a Case in Point for the other AFA members to see how Social Tech, Crowdsourcing, Organizational Voice, Online Reputation Management, and Sales & Marketing can all roll up into a mature and effective Social Tech strategy. In fact, in one campaign called the Give Back Contest, UCT grew their Facebook Likes from 100 to 1400. By one estimate, each Facebook Like for a non-profit is worth about $214. The cost of the contest was about $2-3000. You can do the math. And the intangibles were just as valuable.

The interesting thing is that the folks in the room were all asking themselves how to attract younger members and younger agents to sell their products to the membership. Boy, it seems like there is huge opportunity for Social Tech in the Fraternal space.

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