Recently I had the chance to make the connection with a few members of the terrific Jive Software team in NYC. Quite a providential meet-up. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to give them a shout-out on the Blog. So now is the time.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to pitch Jive. Not directly anyway, although I’d like to. I’m just going to relay a few unscientific, anecdotal comments I’ve heard along the way. But most importantly, I’m sharing a free download of something I hope will be extremely helpful in terms of influencing insurance executives to stop what they’re doing, at least one thing that takes up a chunk of their day, and start doing Social Tech. Oh, and hire me to help educate and provide strategic direction on Social Tech and What’s Next.

Some anecdotal comments:

I first ran across Jive when I was at an insurance company last year running a Boot Camp. We had a couple minutes to kill so my host took me back to her office and showed me Jive and what she was doing. Jive is an INTERNAL Social Network – in the same category as Sharepoint and Yammer. Think Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, Wikipedia, and Outlook all rolled into one app. OK, that might be a stretch, but I hope you get the point.

I then discovered that Jive is the backbone internal Social Network for another large insurance company I’m in discussions with.

Jive then shared with me some of their other insurance company clients.

I then learned about a pilot that Jive ran at yet another insurance company, a pilot that absolutely crushed Sharepoint on several levels.

Lastly, Jive shared with me an extremely powerful video (not public yet) about how Jive completely turned around the fortunes of a clothing outfitter.

So the way I understand it, Jive commissioned McKinsey to run a study. In fact, the Jive CEO said something along the lines of, “I paid more money than I care to admit…”

As I read the study, I quickly came to the conclusion that insurance executives might benefit from my sharing it, adding some of my perspectives wrt the insurance industry.

So without taking up any more time, here you go.

Click HERE for the PDF extract – 10 pages of the most important content, plus my comments.

Click HERE for the full report.

To McKinsey: Great work on the details and the preso. Thanks.

What are the “Huge Gains” in? Read the report.

I’d be interested in your comments, too. What do you think? What are the implications? If Social Tech is the Total Game-changer, how are you positioned relative to your direct competitors? How are you positioned relative to other industries that are setting the expectations and raising the bar WITH YOUR POLICY HOLDERS? Remember, we live in a connected world. Silo’s and Ivory Towers will be completely gone in 3-5 years. Business as we know it circa 2013 will be a quaint memory.