Nick & Mike at ACT

It was the best of times.

It was the worst of times.

I’m traveling to Little Rock to facilitate a Boot Camp on Social Technologies for Independent Agents on March 28th.

So that’s exciting and ‘the best of times’ because the folks that come will reap a bountiful harvest of actionable information regarding new sales and marketing strategies for their agencies. They will also learn about a host of other items about the Web, insurance, sales, marketing, crowdsourcing, reputation management, video, and much more.

But I suspect that the people that MOST need to be there, old-school agency principles, won’t be there. At best they will send one of their ‘young people’ as a delegate, perhaps thinking to themselves, or even saying it out loud, “I don’t need to know about Social, after all, I don’t have time for all that. I need to sell and service my clients…” At worst, they won’t even do that, instead they’ll just snort and say something like, “Social. Why do I care what Charlie Sheen had for breakfast? I’m a business man…”

Without going into the whole story of how this session came together, I’ve picked up on a mixed bag of reactions. At the invitation of Kurt Hetherington, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at James Greene & Associates, back in December, we had a conference call with a few people in Kurt’s sphere of influence, including Nick Gann, Principle at The Gann Agency, and a couple others. The things I spoke about in that hour about what agents are doing with Social Tech struck a cord. “That’s exactly what we need to know. What’s the best way for us to learn about this?” So we scheduled the Boot Camp, sponsored by the Arkansas PIA as a service to their members. Kudo’s to the PIAAR.

On the flip side, I understand that there’s a whole group of Agency Principles who have been exposed to the idea that have no interest in attending the Boot Camp.

So I thought it might be helpful to record a quick conversation with Kurt that tries to characterize what people can look forward to at the Boot Camp. Listen in HERE (10min). I hope it helps.

Based on conversations with Nick at an industry meeting in Dallas, Social Tech is surely a game-changer for insurance agencies. As Peter van Aartrijk so aptly puts it, “If you’re not at the table.. you’re on the menu.” Come. Bring someone, yes, but come and see. You owe it to your agency and customers to understand the Social Era.

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