Katie Herbst Peet
Victory is Tweet!

Katie Herbst Peet is an industry veteran when it comes to insurance companies and Social. Katie started out in Social at Westfield Insurance near Akron, OH. Then she got married and relo’d to Columbus with her husband, whereupon she started helping State Auto with their Social Tech efforts.

Since I was already going to be in Columbus meeting with another prospective insurance company client, Katie graciously agreed to do a podcast from her office. The topic we tackled piggy-backs on the last, highly active, post about executives and “Abdication“:

Given that my audience is executives, I would like to focus on your experiences with best practices as you observe them at the executive level that have a positive impact on the ability for the insurance organization to become a more Social Business.

Listen in. CLICK HERE to open or download the MP3 file.

17 Key points made by Katie from my POV:

  1. “Have an understanding of Social Tech themselves. Executives are setting the direction.”
  2. Blogging and Twitter? “Start internally…more impactful in some ways…”
  3. Twitter – “Helped me expand my network…Listening is the way to start…”
  4. “Need to understand the logistics of Twitter… ‘Good #’s = happy Board.’” FIRED!
  5. Blocking YouTube? “We don’t have that blocked here.” Great use ideas.
  6. “Have conversations like that in a cross-functional way.”
  7. “Doesn’t serve anyone to brush things under the rug.”
  8. “Social is an organizational thing… completely changes things for a lot of reasons…”
  9. “Finding that common ground…”
  10. Chris Paradiso is a great example of a local agent.
  11. “It’s not about them, it’s about their customer…What do their customers want.”
  12. “Most people aren’t going to find that.”
  13. “Agents doing a tremendous job and growing their business..”
  14. Jason Cass in Centralia, IL
  15. Vaughn Insurance and Nibby Priest “This is a sustainable thing.”
  16. “The changes have so much more impact…they impact everything that we do.”
  17. “What does this mean for our employees…”

Thanks Katie. I hoped it would be good and you delivered.

What questions or comments do YOU have for Katie? Now’s the time. Ask away. She’s listening.