I always like the “Before” image of the room before the Boot Camp starts. There’s something peaceful about it – expectant, hopeful, perhaps the calm before the storm.


There’s just so much to cover in 8 hours. Crowdsourcing, always a favorite, Rivers of Information, Online Reputation Management, Organizational Voice, Socially Facilitated Selling, Socially Directed Buying, Rating Systems, a Case Study in Affinity Marketing using Social, and then deep dives into Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a live Blog Post. It’s a fire-hydrant of information. But I think past attendees will agree – it’s worth it. At the end of the day, you’re just a WHOLE lot smarter about Social Tech relative to the insurance business, especially from a marketing and sales POV.

Here’s a question for the Social Tech Boot Camp for Insurance Executives Alumni: What would you like to see in 2013 for the “Advanced” Alumni-only session? (Maybe it doesn’t have to be Alumni only, but then again, it probably does.) Do you want more small group applications exercises – a challenge to solve? Do you want time to focus on marketing strategies, like Contests, Content, and Cause Marketing? More about tools like video editors, podcast creation, infographics and Meme’s – so more on creating Social Media? What does it take to get the holy grail of “Earned Media”? More on Tools, especially enterprise tools like HubSpot, Shoutlet, Socialware, and others?

What are your thoughts? Alumni only, with exceptions given to demonstrated expertise? What would interest you as a next step? Thanks in advance. Excited to hear from you…