If anyone has an interest in joining me on this, please reach out to me – immediately. Here’s the deal:

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I’m trying to raise cash today – it’s a today only thing – to bring to Philadelphia tomorrow. Perhaps by God’s providence, many weeks ago I planned a Boot Camp in Philly for this Thursday. This morning a pastor friend of mine in Central NJ was greatly encouraged when I offered to come a day early (Tuesday v. Wednesday) with a car-load of stuff for him. In a text message, when I asked what I should bring, he said, “Canned goods, Tuna, Soups, Baked Beans, etc. Cash is also easy as we can purchase food gift cards at stores and distribute to needy families.”

I’ll be going to Costco here in CLE to buy the supplies this evening and head out in the morning. I need to meet the pastor in Philly at 1pm tomorrow, Tuesday. Any help would be great.

Here is a link to the church if you want to check them out. http://www.stonecrestchurch.com Pastor Brent Haggerty. I know Brent via my son’s Houghton College soccer team. Good guy, solid, no issues (as much as any of us can claim this, right?)

Thanks so much.

WebWisedomLLC at Gmail dot com