A question was recently posed in a Linkedin Group I’m participating in:

How many insurance agencies actually have a full time social marketing director?

My first thought is that if Social Tech were implemented correctly, it would be unnecessary for small agencies, say one office, to have a FT Social Tech resource. Mid-sized, multi-location shops, might have a FT marketing person that helps guide the Social Tech efforts on a part-time assignment. The larger and more complex the enterprise, the more time is required – thus driving staff needs.

Recent Boot Camp Pic

Recent Boot Camp Pic

Here’s the thing, IMHO… To do Social right, strategically and tactically, regardless of the size of the enterprise, ALL employees should be involved in Social at some level. That’s the key thing – it’s an enterprise effort, a cohesive methodology that …

  1. presents a unified voice, both online and off-line
  2. leverages the crowd across the enterprise (internal and external)
  3. integrates Web/Mobile tech
  4. recruits and retains human resources
  5. institutionalizes rivers of information to constantly grow IQ
  6. amplifies and defends the enterprise reputation
  7. and certainly that drives acquisition, retention, and profit.

No doubt – specialists are needed to develop and/or curate content – podcasts, videos, blog posts, e-books, etc., the ‘media’ side of the equation. But just as everyone in the enterprise should be capable of answering the phone and responding appropriately to a caller, so too everyone in the enterprise should be listening to the marketplace around them and capable of appropriate actions depending on the circumstances.

Think of it this way: One of these days, we’re going to stop using the term “Social” – Social networks, Social media, Social relevancy, Social influence, Social business, etc. “Social” at that point will be assumed. Remember, as always, there is something we can’t see clearly right now that will build on Social Tech, just as Social Tech builds on Web sites, just as Web sites built on the Internet, etc. What’s beyond Social? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure – the better you master Social Tech today, the better your chance for success with what’s next tomorrow, you know what I mean?

Any thoughts on the subject? What’s next? If you have crappy Web sites, does that hurt your Social Tech efforts? Please Comment and Share. Thanks!