Social Media, one of the three legs of the Social Technology stool, and the term most often used as a blanket reference to Social Tech, is critically important to an enterprise – on so many levels.

I recently attended an insurance industry conference. I had no part in the conference organizing other than recommending the Closing Keynote speaker. But I was very interested in the content as it reinforced Social Tech concepts to an audience that could benefit greatly from sophisticated use of Social Tech (see the last post). I was also interested in networking and meeting with current and potential clients. Lastly, I wanted to develop strong and compelling Social Media to share with my Networks in order to enhance and amplify my Relevancy.

If you look back at the last several posts to this blog, you will see that I accomplished that mission. Combined with the viral video I launched via YouTube last week, I developed three podcasts, one video, and have a bunch of left over media. [I also started three new meaningful conversations with prospective clients, scheduled two more Social Tech Boot Camps by demand in Philly and Dallas, and met with three current clients, reinforcing those relationships.] All of this was started by capturing media at a two-day conference – Social Media.

Here’s the final piece – a YouTube Video. Interested in your Comments…

What are some of the keys to Social Media in the B2B realm? Ten important elements:

  1. Social Media has to add value, be educational, move the ball forward relative to a given topic.
  2. Social Media has to be well-crafted, easy to read, listen to, or watch, compelling, high quality.
  3. Social Media has to be real, genuine, authentic, unscripted, extemporaneous.
  4. Social Media must be timely, launched in close proximity to the event itself.
  5. Social Media is best received when it is unofficial and not extremely polished – just well-done and to the point.
  6. Social Media must be delivered via an interactive interface, where the audience can Like, Comment, and Share – easily. Otherwise it’s not Social. Sorry – thanks for playing.
  7. Social Media (B2B) should have a pattern, should reinforce an organization’s value prop and brand.
  8. Social Media should feature people whenever possible, but should rarely be talking heads – yuck.
  9. Social Media should be understood, deeply understood, by the leadership of an organization – critically important.
  10. Social Media should NOT cost too much or take too long to deploy. There’s always a delicate balance between time and resources.

As I say in the Boot Camps, good Social Media should be brief, funny, and true … and yet still carry an essential point.

What would YOU add to the list. DO Share.

Speaking of sharing, I’ll be sharing a ton from the HubSpot Inbound Conference this week. Following me in Twitter. I’ll be sharing using the conference Hashtag as well. I’m sure the hashtag with trend at least a few times. We’ll see. Looking forward to it.