Episode 38 – Big Data, Leadership, and Technology Scorecards

with my son Zach Wise, Army Ranger, and Scott

I recently spoke with Scott Klososky, my mentor and pretty much the smartest guy I know in the Social Tech space. By the way, in my Social Tech Boot Camps for Insurance Executives, I have licensed Scott’s Keynote slides and adapted them to the insurance space – very effective.

Scott and I crossed paths at the Professional Insurance Marketers Association 2012 MidYear Meeting in Santa Fe. Scott went on to deliver what some called the best presentation ever delivered at PIMA.

My hope is that Scott’s presentation, in combination with the extremely well-received Social Media Lab, the Marketing Methods Competition entries in the new category of “New Media”, and the Best of PIMA Winner, the TakeATripWithTimmy campaign by AMA Insure, will finally be the thing to push many of the skeptical and/or lagging PIMA members into taking Social Tech seriously.

Before Scott’s talk, I grabbed Scott for a podcast. I’d appreciate your take on his comments, especially the “Scorecard”. Here’s a direct link to his FPOV classes as referenced in the podcast.