Pew Internet: Over 50% of Seniors are now online. They are also among the fastest growing demo on the Social Web. Online, Social, and Growing in numbers – an interesting recipe for a marketer, eh?!?! <<Full Report>>

4 Thoughts to Discuss…

iPad Helps Stroke Victim

1. Don’t Seniors also have the highest discretionary income, combined with the best understanding of the value of insurance/protection?

2. What is the most effective way to reach these Tech-Savvy Seniors with our messaging and related products, insurance and non-insurance? Mail? Phone? Email? Search? Facebook? Video? Blog? Multi-channel? What do you think? and Why?

3. What about the down-stream influence of Seniors on Gen-X’ers and Millenials? Now that they are online and beginning to use Social Networks and engage with Social Media, can we leverage that Social Influence? As an example, would a viral video work, perhaps sponsored by a senior life company, spoken by seniors, one that specifically encourages following generations to take insurance and protection seriously, to save their money, to make a difference, or as my 22-yr old daughter said in her recent “Digital Philosophy of Teaching” video for a class project, that “accomplishment without contribution- is insignificant.”  Could we do a whole campaign around that, maybe even sponsored by an association rather than one company? Or both?

4. As anyone will testify who had a Mom who suddenly learned how to Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: emails a few years back, aren’t Seniors also a VIRAL demographic in that they share stuff like crazy – both good and bad?

If my hunch is right, we now have the ingredients for a tasty recipe here. We just need to figure out the right combinations of measurements that will yield a “restaurant-quality” meal. What do YOU think?

Come on now, don’t leave me hanging. Let’s discuss.

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