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“What’s the #1 obstacle you face in your sales efforts?” I asked the Mississippi-based agent.

LICOA College Workshop

LICOA College Workshop

“Paperwork. Without a doubt. Filling out application forms after I bring a new client on board. It’s incredibly time-consuming. On one particular product for Mutual of Omaha the application is 32 pages long…”

I went on to ask, “What hinders you the most from using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.?”

“I’m not sure how to use it. I don’t know what I can and cannot do on Social Networks. The insurance companies I represent either have not issued any guidelines at all or have conflicting ones with each other. But I’ve got over 500 friends on Facebook. I see it as a huge untapped opportunity for me to get the word out about what I’m doing to help people…”

This conversation was with an agent that appeared to be in her 30′s, very energetic, sincere, and taking her vocation as an insurance agent very seriously. Man, given the right tools, guidelines and coaching, this person could easily double her sales using Social Tech. However, the issue of paper forms needs to be dealt with. Perhaps another facilitator here at the College can help – Mindfulware.

More on that later. Gotta run to the session I’m facilitating on using Social Tech for Insurance Sales and Marketing…


Pew Internet: Over 50% of Seniors are now online. They are also among the fastest growing demo on the Social Web. Online, Social, and Growing in numbers – an interesting recipe for a marketer, eh?!?! <<Full Report>>

4 Thoughts to Discuss…

iPad Helps Stroke Victim

1. Don’t Seniors also have the highest discretionary income, combined with the best understanding of the value of insurance/protection?

2. What is the most effective way to reach these Tech-Savvy Seniors with our messaging and related products, insurance and non-insurance? Mail? Phone? Email? Search? Facebook? Video? Blog? Multi-channel? What do you think? and Why?

3. What about the down-stream influence of Seniors on Gen-X’ers and Millenials? Now that they are online and beginning to use Social Networks and engage with Social Media, can we leverage that Social Influence? As an example, would a viral video work, perhaps sponsored by a senior life company, spoken by seniors, one that specifically encourages following generations to take insurance and protection seriously, to save their money, to make a difference, or as my 22-yr old daughter said in her recent “Digital Philosophy of Teaching” video for a class project, that “accomplishment without contribution- is insignificant.”  Could we do a whole campaign around that, maybe even sponsored by an association rather than one company? Or both?

4. As anyone will testify who had a Mom who suddenly learned how to Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: emails a few years back, aren’t Seniors also a VIRAL demographic in that they share stuff like crazy – both good and bad?

If my hunch is right, we now have the ingredients for a tasty recipe here. We just need to figure out the right combinations of measurements that will yield a “restaurant-quality” meal. What do YOU think?

Come on now, don’t leave me hanging. Let’s discuss.

Shameless plug: I touch on these very concepts in my Social Tech Boot Camps for Insurance Exec’s. Still a few seats left… Chicago, Boston, Hartford.

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