Kelle, right, at the Tough Mudder

Kelle, right, at the Tough Mudder

Isn’t there a saying that says, “Like father, like daughter.”?? I think there is. If not, there should be.

Actually, truth be known, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Social from my daughter, Kelle Wise. Kelle taught me a lot about Facebook. She’s also the first one to tell me about Pinterest. “Dad, there’s this new site that’s going to be really big. It’s called Pinterest.” Sure enough a few months later, Pinterest was all over the place.

So Kelle is studying at the University of Akron to be a teacher. She’s completing her last coursework and will soon be student teaching, perhaps following in the footsteps of her future sister-in-law in Paraguay with Mission Teach.

On Saturday last weekend, Kelle asked me if she could borrow the Mac and use iMovie to do a homework assignment. She needed to create a music video that captured the essence of her future philosophy of teaching.

So wouldn’t you know! Kelle cranked away on the laptop all weekend, mostly Sunday and Monday, Memorial Day. At the end of Monday, it was ready. See what you think!

Btw, Kelle is galic for “Warrior Woman”. Yeah, I think it fits.