It’s Memorial Day 2012, a beautiful if rather hot day in Northeast Ohio. With all the appropriate shoutouts to military service men and women, past and present, across the geographic and digital landscapes, I thought I’d carve out some time to honor my son, 2LT Zachary Shea Wise, U.S. Army Field Artillery.

Official Military Photo

Many of you know Zach from having met him personally at a PIMA conference (see photo) or when he and I have been out on the road together and paths intersected. And because of that, you often ask me, “How’s your son doing?”

At the apex of May and June of 2012, he’s at the trailing edge of an epic experience at the U.S. Army Ranger School. (Watch the “Surviving the Cut” video on Netflix or see the three segments on YouTube here.)

What is normally a 60-day experience has turned into a 6-month odyssey for Zach. He’s been injured once and recycled twice. Starting June 2nd, he will be given one last

Leading the troops

chance to complete the 4th Phase, Swamps. If he accomplishes this last test, he will graduate on June 22nd.

I wrote a longer post with more details, but I think I’ll save the full story for when the last pages of this chapter have been written. In the meantime, I will think of Zach often, but not too much because it’s really kinda’ hard. And I guess I would just ask you, my professional friends and acquaintances, to perhaps grab a post-it and stick it somewhere to remind you about Zach Wise, and by extension, all others who are serving our country to the best of their ability, many of them, the glory of a generation.

Thanks Wiz. Uda’MAN! Joshua 1:8-9