As I mentioned on my personal Facebook page, “Every so often, life delivers a HUGE blessing…” My son came home to Cleveland on leave from Ft. Sill for Christmas, promptly left to spend time with his GF in Lancaster, PA, and returned on Christmas Day to announce his engagement. See the picture I made for them.

Zach and Jenny Engagement Christmas 2011

Zach and Jenny Engagement Christmas 2011

All the work I’m doing in the Social Tech arena, while good and helpful to many, and while providing an income for me and my family, pales in comparison to my son finding a partner for life. Of course, I know all of this is under the heading “Lord willing”, but it seems ‘meant to be’ and so I’m grateful.

One moment I won’t soon forget: I was taking a picture in the driveway of Zach driving away from the house in his new (used) Yaris with his smiling/laughing fiance, saying something about Dad always documenting things, but resolutely going off. His mission: drop off Jenny and head to Army Ranger School (ala “Surviving the Cut“).

The recurring thought in my brain since then: What a man Zach became out at Ft. Sill. Decisive, brave, strong, courageous, discerning, resolute, and committed. That’s the kind of man we want leading our troops into battle against an equally committed enemy, don’t you think?

Blessings for 2012. It’s going to be one heck of a year.

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