“It will be the biggest year I’ve ever had and the least amount of work I’ve ever done.”

And that from a guy that’s been in “the business” of life insurance sales since the late 70′s. Wow! Strong language? Yep, it is. Oh, and this is during a “down economy”.

WebWisedom Podcast #35 – Life Insurance Sales and Social Tech (also on iTunes)

Mike Sheehan w Mike Wise Podcasting at Starbucks

Mike Wise Podcasting w Mike Sheehan at Starbucks

Got 30 minutes to see why you might need to change your course wrt sales and marketing? In prep for an ICMG panel discussion I’m leading in February, I received a question in the ICMG Linkedin Group. “Mike, I’d love to hear about case studies about how social media has been used to increase sales of individual life insurance…i.e. practical examples from life insurance agents in the field where social media [is] contributing to increasing sales, commissions, etc.”

So I thought, “Let me get it straight from an agent.”

Here it is, recorded on my Android at Starbucks in Hudson, OH in about 60 minutes.

So my question for you, the reader:

Are you an independent insurance producer? (any industry really) Are you having your best year ever?

Are you an MGA, IMO, Agency, etc? Is your team having its best year ever, totally crushing it?

Are you an insurance company sales and marketing leader? Are your 2011 sales off the charts? Oh, and you did you do the “lease amount of work” to get there?

If the answer is “No.” to any of the above, listen and learn from a career life insurance agent from Chicago now in Cleveland. Mike Sheehan totally lays out the real deal on what it takes.

(Oh, and if you want a short cut so that it doesn’t take you two and a half years to get there, let me know. I can definitely save you a tremendous amount of $$, time, and brain damage, not to mention possible loss of reputation caused by Social Tech missteps.)

Mike Sheehan's Droid

Mike Sheehan's Droid - Spot-on use of Tech

So grab a blank doc for notes and click on the top link in the podcast widget below. Listen in as we talk with Mike.

What do you think, insurance peeps? Still think Social is nuts and a waste of time? The Comment section below is beckoning.

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