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I’m publishing this post from inside the all-day Executive Management Session at the DAIAB Conference at Rehoboth Beach, DE. The session lays out like this:

Morning – Baseline understanding on Social Technologies

  • 90 minutes: What it means and how to leverage it
  • 90 minutes: Web sites, Blogs and Twitter

Afternoon – Tactical How-to’s on Primary Business Social Tech

  • Measuring Results
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • FourSquare
  • Mobile
  • Viral Media and Video

Bonus, time-permitting: RSS, Alerts, Analytics

This group is focused on the Property & Casualty side of the insurance space. The Association members are regional and local agencies selling both commercial and personal lines products. Several niche insurance companies provide the products. And of course several business partners support the environment with various business operation and marketing services. Good people working hard to provide valuable risk-management services to the business community. An example: insurance products specifically designed for the coastal environment – flood, hurricane, that kind of thing. Always fun meeting new people, learning about new applications and products, and seeing how Social fits in.


A few learnings to share from a recent all-day Social Media Marketing strategy session with an insurance company and two pilot participants:

  1. Doing a Social Media Marketing pilot is always a great way to “test before you INvest”.
  2. Extremely helpful on several levels for the insurance company marketing folks to invite the compliance folks into the session. Why? That’s a subject for another post.
  3. Insurance marketing partners are chomping at the bit to start using Social.
  4. Our “Ideation Session” turned up several really solid Social Media Marketing opportunities to chose from.
  5. Good decision for the company to use marketing dollars already in the budget to fund the pilot. Takes the issue of money right off the table. Pretty small investment in the grand scheme of things.
  6. A lot of the technologies needed for the pilots are already in place and can be reused, for example on Facebook pages, with minor variations.
  7. Many others but confidentiality prevails.


Next week: Another all-day Social Media Marketing strategy session with a large insurance agency.


I’m also attending Scott Klososky’s Social Tech Bootcamp in Chicago. Can’t wait to see all the new Social Tech stuff he’s been working on.

Btw, if you’d like to collaborate on a Social Tech Bootcamp for your company or for your clients or prospects, reach out to me. I can guarantee it to be an extremely effective use of time any way you skin it.

A few recent pics:

Sunrise at the Gifford Pinchot State Park after visiting Gettysburg

A coiled-up Delaware Black Snake glaring back from the marsh

My golfing partner grabbed the thing – amazing to see.

Coming right at the camera! Yikes!

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