Still don’t get Twitter? Reach back to me. I’d love to hook you up. Love to teach your team how to build a powerful InfoStream. It’s not about celeb’s and mindless chatter; quite the contrary if you know what you’re doing. If you click through on these, I guarantee within 15 minutes, you will get some high-value nugget.

Here’s a quick list of Follows that will immediately begin feeding your brain and raising your IQ on a variety of topics. Some of these I already had Followed, but the original list comes from here. (Tip: To save time, copy/paste the tweet, tweet it, then click on the resulting live links to Follow the people. Or find my original tweets, Follow, and/or ReTweet.)

@carolyndouglas @mashable @wedge @CommAMMO @SocialMedia411 @FrankEliason @shelholtz @AMANet @armano @HubSpot @shonali @rohitbhargava

@copyblogger @DavidBThomas @lizstrauss @mathewi @pewinternet @jowyang @marshallk @MarkRaganCEO @DougH @jeffjarvis @sharonodea @Crescenzo

Btw, “Not enough time”??? Kill your email, or at least dial it back to select times during the day. Tell you what, using Twitter has taught me the value of the five B’s of public speaking – Be Brief, Brother, Be Brief :-) So with your email, when possible and appropriate, cut back the content. It’s possible – and actually helpful quite often.

Whadyathink?!? Agreed? Disagree? Any other great Follows?

Picture of the week:

Yep, my son was Commissioned – 2nd Lieutenant, US Army, Field Artillary. Read the story here

Zach Wise, Houghton College 2011, US Army Commissioning