Hope I get this right… Kind of did it in a hurry…

Recently, I started coaching a B2B sales team on how to use Linkedin. I discovered a very simple barrier, easy to rectify, and thought I’d share the solution with you. This is something I had taken for granted, but it apparently isn’t common knowledge. Pardon the redundancy if you already know this…

Problem: When you go to your Linkedin Home page and scroll down, notice the “Updates”. Are the references all about who’s connecting with who, new job postings, and group updates or comments? Is this of value to you? If not, IMHO, perhaps the most useful part of your Linkedin Home Page is being buried – thoughtful Updates by your network. (These Updates come from the “Share an Update/Attach a Link” box at the top of the Home page.) I find them to be quite useful most of the time.

Solution: How to change your settings to see more of these Updates by your colleagues rather than the default Linkedin network Updates

1. First, open a new tab or window with a new instance of Linkedin so you can keep this thread open while you follow along…

2. Go to the top-right under your name and click “Settings”
(You might have to Log-in on the next page)

3. On the Settings page, scroll down and look for the lower left tab “Account”. Click that and then slide to the left and click “Customize the updates you see on your home page”.

4. On the resulting dialog-box:

a. First consider clicking the top toggle “How many updates do you want on your homepage?” and change that to 25. If you’re in there scanning your network’s activity, you might as well see as much as possible at a glance, my opinion.

b. Most importantly, un-check three items:

i. “New connections in your network”
(unless you really like to see that, but this data also shows up in “People You May Know”)

ii. “Jobs posted by your connections” (unless you’re job-hunting of course)

iii. “Groups your connections have joined or created” (unless you’re actively looking for new groups to join)

c. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the dialog-box.

5. Return to your Home page (top left) and scroll down, scanning the updates that were previously not there. Notice the difference? Helpful?

One final tip: This will vary depending on how many or few connections you have and how active they are. But if someone is dominating your resulting Newsfeed with content that’s not really useful to you, if you float your mouse over one of the update bars or rows, a little, gray “Hide” button will show on the top-right corner of the bar. Click that to Hide updates from that person. It won’t un-Connect you, it will just remove them from your news feed. You can also unhide them later. So this might be appropriate for headhunters in your network (no offense, perhaps you’re just not in the job market), people that are more personal connections that share a lot of perhaps useful content, but just not of interest to you, of course that Mike Wise dude (geesh!), etc. etc.

FWIW. Hope it helps optimize your Linkedin utility.

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Thanks, Mike