A classic line from Jurassic Park, right? Jeff Goldblum was stating the obvious very simply yet urgently.

Question: Have you ever been driving down the interstate… in the right lane… at a normal speed of 65mph… just cruising along enjoying the drive… when all of the sudden you come upon someone driving 45, or worse yet, someone stopped in your lane??? What’s your first gut feeling?

Or maybe you’re in a hurry rushing between meetings.. perhaps returning an urgent phone call to your spouse… so you’re pushing it at 75/80mph. Again, all of the sudden you come upon someone driving really slow? What’s your gut feeling then, especially given that you’re in a time of stress?

At the far extreme, have you ever seen someone, usually from Illinois or Michigan :-0, BLOW BY at  85/90/95? Imagine the difference THEN with the guy going 45. Even if you’re going 65, that differential is big – not mention the guy going 45… or the guy why is broken down and stopped.

The interesting paradox: The people driving slow may think they are ‘safe’ but in reality, they are actually in harm’s way.

What’s the point? Does the same concept apply to Social Technologies and companies or industries moving too slow? Is there a correlation there? I think so, but like I always say, sometimes I’m out in left field. I’ve had my share of close-calls with slow or stopped traffic, close enough to know that a crash on the highway is really dangerous. We’ve all driven by them, too. Not only is that kind of accident a high-speed impact, but what happens after the main accident is often even more lethal. Consider the secondary crashes, the side impacts, spinning and crossing the median. Then there’s the rubber-neckers on the other side. Then there’s the bad feelings, anger, long-term back problems, etc. etc. Even if they DON’T wreck, it’s disruptive, isn’t it?

Please Comment below: Isn’t it critically important to, at a bare minimum, keep up with traffic? Well, Social Media Marketing for B2B AND B2C is moving at a fairly good clip right now….

Again, I’m nuts sometimes. Straighten me out.

A few of my friends leading worship at church