In getting started on Quora, I answered a question (click here) about Twitter as news medium versus Social Network. I candidly discussed some of my secret Twitter strategies. The content was subsequently re-posted on Insurance Ecosystem.

Highly recommend Insurance Ecosystem, not only as an info source, but also as a concept. Pat Alexander is one of the savviest insurance vets I know relative to insurance technology…. definitely has her finger on the pulse.

If you have Comments or questions about Twitter, click through and throw them into the post over on Insurance Ecosystem and we’ll dialog over there. Above all, don’t settle for the trite Twitter brush off, “I don’t get Twitter.” It’s already extremely influential on many levels. Highly recommend it. Read why.

Heading to the prison ministry for 72 hours. Gotta’ leave the tech in the car. JFYI.


Picture from the recent ice and snow storm…

Sunrise coming over the roof caught my attention