Thanks to Insurance Journal, Rick Morgan, and Peter van Aartrijk. Really appreciate the conversation. Some good references to companies that are doing good work with Social Tech, especially in light of the current thread we are chewing on regarding Exec’s and Social.

Investigate Shoutlet.  You’ll be glad you did.


A few recent tweets in case you missed them (btw, my recent tweets are always on the right side of the blog home-page if you’re not on Twitter – yet.)

55 Interesting Social Media Infographics – excellent insights – fantastic educational material

Gr8 resources #Healthcare Trends, #PPACA calendar & sentiment, #Medicare #marketing, #Social & more – from Lindsay Resnick- nice work.

Tic Toc: #Social #Sales Train Has Left the Station… couldn’t agree more. comments from fellow sales guys? – good blog to follow

RT @SkipAnderson If you’re a salesperson who isn’t blogging yet, read this now and then go start: (via @jerrykennedy) – been sayin’ this for a while – nice to hear another voice on the subject.