Man, am I grateful for 2010.  After such an awful 2009, taking a leap of faith and moving in a new direction in 2010 has been a huge positive, both professionally and personally.

Professionally, starting a business, albeit a simple consulting business has stretched my capacity in many ways.

  • Think more critically about where I add value
  • Focus on tangible wins for my clients
  • Constantly increase my business IQ
  • Take care of business details, like P&L, taxes, expenses, etc.
  • As always, keep the new business pipeline moving
  • Keep the burn-rate as low as possible
  • Leverage Social and practice what I preach

Personally, above all, this has been a leap of faith, a surpassing reliance on my creator.  If you want to know more about that faith, send me a note off-line.  But suffice to say, my MO is: “Work like it all depends on me. Pray like it all depends on God.”  Been saying that since 03/17/91 …

What am I grateful for today, on Thanksgiving 2010?

  1. A genuine, authentic relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – first and foremost. By his grace…
  2. Diane, a soul-mate and best friend that I share my life with and who understands and affirms the concepts of “Love and Respect“.
  3. Two gifts from God in Zach and Kelle, given when I deserved them not, and who have become incredible individuals in their own right.
  4. Fantastic fellowship with like-minded friends who are walking with me and encouraging me through ‘good’ times and ‘bad’.
  5. A business community that has given me opportunity to add value and serve in tangible ways and which has compensated me fairly for that so that I can pay the bills and press on, continuing to do more on many levels.

I know, in fact I hope, not many will read this today.  But when you do stumble across this post, what are your thoughts? Looking back on 2010 and beyond, what are you thankful for?  Thanks!