Reflecting on the last 90 days…

Books – I gotta’ tell ya’.  I’m pretty excited to be listed as one of the crowdsourced authors of Enterprise Social Technologies, the new book about to be released by Scott Klososky.  Not only was the Chapter on Sales really fun to work on, and a great learning experience, but it has been fun working with Scott.  Every now and then you run across somebody that can really help you grow as a professional.  Scott is one of those guys for me.  And of course, as I mentioned before, the concepts to Enterprise Social Tech are spot-on and have connected a LOT of dots for me relative to e-business, sales, marketing, and Social.

Yes, I’m still working on my own book.  I haven’t made a ton of progress on it during the second half of 2010, but I expect to spend some time on it between now and the end of the year.  One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be chock full of very tactical and practical Social Tech tips that readers can implement and see results from right away.


Mobile – on a personal note, my Droid Incredible has been a great addition to my professional tool set.  I can see why SmartPhones in general are quickly replacing flip phones and older technology… and why the Droids are doing so well against the competition.  For $99, I can’t imagine a higher ROI device in my hands right now.  I’ve been using the camera, video, and voice recorder to capture sound bites. (You’ll see some of that in a music vid I’m working on for the Aartrijk Brand Camp from October).  Been using Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Search, of course Messaging, FourSquare, mapping and GPS, and the Car Panel.  I also downloaded the “Text Away Message” from State Farm and have been using that.  The Droid has been a great tool.  One big disappointment was the loss of all my contacts in some sort of Google crash.  Never did find out what happened.  The good news is that I have SO many ways of contacting people, I didn’t miss a beat.  Netnet, I HIGHLY recommend getting a good SmartPhone.  It really opens the door to Social Tech and a whole lot more.  And once you learn how to use it yourself, you’ll see how to use it for sales and marketing.

What do you use?  Does it make a difference Socially?


Social Tech – The more I research and learn about Social, the more I understand that it is BY FAR the most powerful thing to come along business-wise in years.  It dwarfs e-commerce in the same way that e-commerce dwarfed voicemail/email… and in the same way that voicemail/email dwarfed fax machines and overnight couriers and so on down the line.  Social Tech is INCREDIBLY powerful.  If you are skeptical of that statement… I’m not sure what to say other than to suggest that you check your sources of information.  We are what we feed our brains.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Social, it’s that Social can be used to develop a POWERFUL River of Information – a stream of knowledge generated by people a lot smarter than me that comes to me (for free) and raises my IQ on a host of topics I’m interested in.  And on the flip side, it has allowed me to turn OFF streams of useless information.  But that’s just the beginning.  I could go on and on.  Rest assured – Social is not a fad.  Nothing lives forever, but as I said a few years ago about e-commerce on this blog, if you didn’t master e-commerce, you wouldn’t be ready for what’s next (Social).  Now, if you don’t master Social, you won’t be ready for what’s next, something that will almost certainly build on top of Social Tech.

Agree or disagree?

The End of an Era – Well, I shot my son’s last soccer game.  The End.  In truth, it was a bitter pill to swallow on several levels.  Click on the photo.  For soccer enthusiasts, note the hyper-links at the top.  The opposing team took advantage of an unresponsive ref to neutralize Houghton’s best scoring chances.  My take?  It was God working in my life plainly nudging me to move on.  I’ll finish out the year with the Zips and see if they can win the National title and that’ll be it.

As always, Comments are welcome.