Every now and then the perfect opportunity comes around, usually when you least expect it.  Of course we’re always on the lookout for the next great idea that will take us to higher ground relative to sales and marketing.  We all know it when we see it.  So we try to put ourselves in The Idea Vortex, hoping to catch something that comes out.  We kind of have an idea about where we might find that vortex, where the creative types, the visionaries, will be.  We definitely sense it when we’re in the middle of it.  And we tell everyone (except our competitors) about it afterwards.  And then we remember and keep an eye out for signs of a vortex that we might want to jump into.  But it’s always hard to know.

I think I might be onto one here and so wanted to share it.  I know my readers are some of the savviest people in the insurance biz (and not to toot my own horn, but to acknowledge THEM).  And so I’m hopeful that a few of them can break away and be there (or at a minimum, share this post with their networks on Linkedin or Twitter).

The Aartrijk Brand Camp 2010 at The Driskill (smokin’ rate) in Austin, TX starts 3 weeks from today.  I know it’s short notice relative to trip planning and calendars, but that’s another thing about some of the best moments in life, right?  They are usually last minute, kind of out of the blue, definitely worth shifting the schedule for.  Well, this might be one of those times.  I just got an update from the folks at Aartrijk.  (Btw, Aartrijk has been helping ICMG the last couple years and ICMG has broken registration records both times).  Brandcamp 2010 is “shaping up to be a dynamite conference, an intimate learning experience.”  Know this: It’s not a mega conference.  In fact, less is more.  Think small, but productive.

The Driskill, as well as Austin in general, is a very cool place – which inspires creative thinking.  The Aartrijk folks and the people they invite are among the savviest in the branding and marketing business.  And the format is specifically designed to be interactive, conversational, fostering ideation – and FUN (but not a boondoggle).  And like the name says, it IS a camp – you DO stuff.  As an example, I’m going to be helping folks understand and create blogs, twitter profiles, etc.  Rest assured, I’ll be sharing ‘the good stuff’.

So check it out.  Join me.  Join the group.  Bring your wisdom – AND SHARE.  It WILL come back to you.

Were you at Brand Camp 2009 at Hotel Sax in Chicago?  Heard it was terrific.  I tracked it on Twitter.  Share a Comment below.

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Register here.  See you there.

Yes, I will be taking pics and collecting sound bites for a viral vid after.  Should add to the buzz.  Very very cool.


Yes, the rumors are true – I did have purple hair on Saturday!  I was supporting my son’s Homecoming @ Houghton College and my wife talked me into it.  The students loved it! See the pics here.  And Zach’s team won the soccer game in dramatic fashion!  Great fun.